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Survey of college drinking patterns show athletes drink more than non-athletic students, but fraternities hold the record

Male college athletes consume about 50 percent more alcohol than their counterparts who don't participate in intercollegiate sports, a record beaten only by college fraternity members, as shown in a study.

Family businesses are focus of July 27 conference at Chautauqua, N.Y.

More than 90 percent of all businesses in this country are family businesses, which makes them an integral part of the American economy. Strengthening these family firms will be the focus of a upcoming conference.

Grace Richardson wins alumni award from Cornell University

The Human Ecology Alumni Association of Cornell has announced that Grace Richardson of New York City is the winner of the 1998 Helen Bull Vandervort Alumni Achievement Award for outstanding professional and volunteer services.

Cornell students learn to change fear and loathing of spiders into knowledge -- and one result is a pet tarantula named Alice

It's a world filled with bondage, supreme sacrifice and cannibalism as a mating ritual. Given their propensity for horror-movie behavior, it's little wonder that spiders provoke an immediate reaction of fear and disgust from students.

Kevin Bacon shows the way to a much smaller world than we thought, Cornell mathematicians find

The game "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon," in which actors can be connected to one another through their appearances in films with actor Kevin Bacon, works because Hollywood movies are a "small world," in mathematical terms.

Lynn Jelinski to take LSU post

 Lynn W. Jelinski, the director of the Center for Advanced Technology in Biotechnology and director of the university's Office of Economic Development, will leave Cornell Aug. 1 to become vice chancellor for research and graduate studies at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.

Cornell's new Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology reflects change in the nature of chemical research

In recognition of its commitment to the union of chemistry and biology, Cornell's Department of Chemistry has changed its name to the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology.

Last McGraw Tower chimes concert for a year will be Monday, June 8

"Ring out the old, ring in the new!" proclaims the inscription on the first of nine bells given to Cornell by Jennie McGraw and played at the university's inauguration day in 1868.

Court TV's chief anchor Fred Graham to speak to Cornell Law School alumni June 6

Court TV's chief anchor and former CBS News legal correspondent Fred Graham will be the guest speaker at the Cornell Law School's alumni reunion dinner Saturday, June 6.

PCCW awards research grants to Cornell women faculty and students

The President's Council of Cornell Women (PCCW) has awarded research grants to three faculty members and five graduate students to help advance the careers of women in academia through support of research leading to tenure and promotion and to the completion of dissertations.

Nobel laureate Robert C. Richardson and Cutberto Garza are named vice provosts

President Hunter Rawlings announced two key administrative appointments at the Cornell Board of Trustees' final meeting May 23. Rawlings announced the appointment of two new vice provosts.

Stunted growth affects almost 40 percent of the developing world's infants, Cornell study reports

Almost 40 percent, or about 184 million, of the developing world's children under age 5 outside of China have stunted growth due to inadequate nutrition, reports a Cornell nutritionist and statistician.