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Cornell visiting professor of Romance Studies wins short-story prize

ITHACA, N.Y. -- José Edmundo Paz-Soldán, visiting assistant professor of Hispanic literature in Cornell University's Department of Romance Studies, is one of five winners of the Juan Rulfo Prize for his short story "Dochera." The prize, named for Mexican novelist and short-story writer Juan Rulfo, author of Pedro Paramo, is the most prestigious short-story award for literature written in Spanish. Based in Paris, the award is sponsored by Radio Francia Internacional, Centro Cultural de Mexico and Le Monde Diplomatique.

First close-up mug shots of asteroid 253 Mathilde will be published in the journal Science Dec. 19

So many craters, so little asteroid. Cornell University astronomer Joseph Veverka and a team of scientists are releasing the first close-up images of a little-known C-class asteroid, 253 Mathilde.

BirdSource documents what may be a record-making finch irruption in the United States

As winter finches move south across the Canada-U.S. border in what may be record numbers, ornithological scientists are getting their best-ever look at a massive bird 'irruption,' thanks to thousands of citizen scientists.

Astronomers will release today the clearest images yet of FLIERS, mysterious cosmic spouts

Astronomers will release today (Dec. 17) the clearest Hubble Space Telescope images of mysterious cosmic spouts - known as FLIERs - emanating from distant objects that once were stars like our sun.

Fraternity leaders are the heaviest drinkers, national study shows

When it comes to fraternity drinking, following the leader can be a dangerous game, a new study shows. Leaders of fraternities, and to a lesser extent leaders of sororities, tend to be among the heaviest drinkers and the most out-of-control partiers.

Researchers Report Construction of Genetic Map for Dogs

Researchers are reporting the development of a framework reference map of the canine genome. The article appears in today's issue of Genomics, published by the Academic Press.

Dreaming of a white Christmas? Check the chart

Last year's Christmas was anything but "white" in the Northeast. Green was the rule in most areas.

Cornell professor is honored by Intel Corp. for his computer chip improvement

If your Pentium II or Pentium Pro computer runs noticeably faster than earlier models, you might want to send a thank-you note to Hwa C. Torng, Cornell professor of electrical engineering.

High school students to learn about hospitality industry at Cornell

Area 10th-grade students participating in the Access to College Education (ACE) program will gather on the Cornell campus.

Charles Walcott named director of Cornell's Division of Biological Sciences

Charles Walcott, professor of neurobiology and behavior, has been appointed to a two-year term as director of the Cornell Division of Biological Sciences.

Ben Brantley, Elinor Fuchs and Todd London win the George Jean Nathan Award, administered by Cornell's English department

The George Jean Nathan Award for Dramatic Criticism for the 1996-7 season has been awarded to Ben Brantley, chief drama critic of The New York Times.

New book looks at abusive families, explores causes and suggests interventions to protect children

With more than 3 million American children reported abused or neglected each year and three children dying from such maltreatment each day.