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Statler Hotel wins Chamber of Commerce Service Award

The Statler Hotel at Cornell has been honored for excellence in customer service by the Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce. The hotel's director of training also was honored by the chamber.

Carl Sagan, Cornell astronomer, dies today (Dec. 20) in Seattle

Carl E. Sagan, 62, the David Duncan Professor of Astronomy and Space Sciences and director of the Laboratory for Planetary Studies died Dec. 20, 1996, in Seattle, Wash.

Cornell Theory Center to triple supercomputer's capability

The Cornell Theory Center announced today plans for a major upgrade to its supercomputing resources that will triple the computational capability that it makes available to the national research community.

Cornell veterinarian seeks dogs with infertility for study on sex reversal disorder

Infertility and sterility are plaguing more than a dozen breeds of dogs, and an inherited condition called XX sex reversal (XXSR or hermaphroditism), which sometimes causes abnormal genitalia, is to blame in many cases.

Research animals benefit from tougher U.S. regulations, Cornell dean tells European ethics congress

While government agencies, animal-rights advocates and researchers wrestle in United States courts and Congress, a winner has emerged -- the animals themselves -- according to one American scholar of research-animal issues.

West Virginia, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and New York shatter precipitation records for January-November period

Four Northeastern states -- West Virginia, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and New York -- have set precipitation records for the January-November period, according to the Northeast Regional Climate Center at Cornell University.

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, how pink and ugly are your boughs Cornell Plantations offers "Pink Ugly Mix" formula to protect evergreens from theft

A holiday tradition born of frustration, the annual painting of evergreens with "pink ugly mix" to discourage tree thieves, continues at Cornell Plantations, the university's arboretum, botanical gardens and natural areas where the repulsive-but-biodegradable goop was invented more than 15 Christmases ago.

TC3 to offer courses to Cornell employees on the Cornell campus

Beginning in February, Cornell University employees can take Tompkins-Cortland Community College courses on the Cornell campus and in downtown Ithaca.

Evaluation expert turns the tools of his trade on the Web

Surfing the Web or spinning your own Web site? Millions are, but you're probably not evaluating your site to see what effects it has or using your Web site to evaluate your Web site.

Veterinary College Dean Loew is leaving Cornell to head new company

Franklin M. Loew, dean of Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine, is leaving that post in January to head a new company in Cambridge, Mass., engaged in research and product development of foods for people with specific disease conditions. Provost Don M. Randel, in announcing Loew's departure.

High school students learn about hospitality industry at Cornell

Area 10th-grade students participating in the Access to College Education (ACE) program will learn about the hospitality industry firsthand in coming weeks. Students will attend a conference titled "The Hospitality Industry/Hospitality Education" Friday, Dec. 13.

New program in eco-industrial development aids cities' quest for economically and environmentally sustainable future

Communities seeking a new marriage between the environment and business to transform brownfields and other underutilized land now can draw on the comprehensive resources of Cornell University.