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Naked mole-rats share food with a chirp and a wave Cornell study of social rodents traces recruits' route to roots

Worried parents with greedy kids may now have the ultimate role model: subterranean Africa's naked mole-rats that can't wait to share newly-discovered food sources with their kin.

Cornell to offer new graduate program in community and rural development

Cornell will offer a new graduate program in community and rural development beginning in the fall of 1997.

Fast method of detecting E. coli -- in hours rather than days -- is created at Cornell

A new, faster method of detecting Eschericha coli in food - in hours rather than days - has been developed by Cornell University researchers. "As far as I can tell, this is the fastest method of analysis in the arena," said Carl Batt, Cornell professor of food science.

Former Cornell photographer honored on U.S. postage stamp for developing halftone printing processes

When Frederic Eugene Ives (1856-1937) first tried to get a job running the Cornell University photography laboratory back in 1874, he was turned down for being too young and inexperienced. But the young man's persistence paid off: he was hired on a "trial basis."

Cornell's Mann Library opens one-stop computer workstation to aid the visually impaired

Cornell's Albert R. Mann Library now has a one-stop computer workstation that allows the visually impaired to convert text to Braille, scan a document and convert the text to speech, or scan a page and magnify it many times.

Cornell labor expert says Teamster democracy and grass-roots organizing are at stake in upcoming election for union president

Will organized labor continue its reform movement to empower its rank and file, or will it return to yesteryear when labor bosses negotiated contracts in smoke-filled back rooms? That's what is at stake in next month's election for president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, says a Cornell labor expert.

Car buyers beware: brand loyalty may cost you money, Cornell marketing expert says

Looking to replace your car with a newer model of the same make? Watch out. Your loyalty may actually cost you several thousand dollars more for the same car than a person who is switching his or her allegiance to a car manufacturer, said Dick Wittink.

Cornell supercomputer helps MIT physicists envision violent beginnings of newly discovered planets

Resources of the Cornell Theory Center have helped scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) make new findings about the births of planets in other solar systems. The dozen or so new planets discovered within the past year probably had violent beginnings, mainly because they were born in solar systems with two or more massive planets the size of Jupiter, the MIT astrophysicists say.

Cornell conference will explore Freud's legacy, Nov. 22-24

Renowned psychoanalysts and scholars will converge on the Cornell University campus Nov. 22-24 for an international and interdisciplinary conference titled "Legacies of Freud: Translations". The conference, free and open to the public.

GM helps fund automotive engineering education at Cornell

General Motors Corp. has given $200,000 to Cornell University's College of Engineering to help educate future automotive engineers.

Eating less meat may help reduce osteoporosis risk, Cornell studies show

Want to reduce the risk of osteoporosis? Eat less meat. In fact, reducing the amount of meat in the diet may do more to reduce the risk of osteoporosis than increasing calcium intake, Cornell University experts say.

Study participants increased abdominal strength significantly, helping to prevent lower back pain

A Cornell study shows that only five minutes of exercise and stretching a day can result in modest fitness gains and improved self image. While participants did not lose weight during the study, researchers say those who exercised increased their flexibility and abdominal strength significantly.