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On-demand polymers may yield designer materials

The lab of Brett Fors, assistant professor of chemistry and chemical biology, has proposed a novel technique for creating designer polymers on demand. 

NSF awards BTI $1M to study plant-bacteria symbiosis

The NSF has awarded a $1.1 million grant to the Cornell-affiliated Boyce Thompson Institute to unlock the scientific complexities between nitrogen-fixing soil bacteria and its alliance with plants.

Cornellians vie for $2.5M in clean-energy competition

Four teams of Cornellians were among 20 finalists showcasing bold, cutting-edge startups that have the potential to revolutionize the future of energy at the 76West Clean Energy Competition July 31-Aug. 1.

For more cohesive police forces in war-torn countries, adding women may help

Adding women to security forces in war-torn countries could improve the cohesiveness of those forces, according to a new study by Sabrina Karim, a Cornell expert in gender and postconflict state-building.

GMO eggplant crop expands in Bangladesh

Farmers are rapidly adopting Bt eggplant brinjal in Bangladesh, resulting in reduced pesticide use and higher incomes, according to a new paper.

Volunteers sought for Opening Day

Volunteers are needed Opening Day, August 17, when almost 4,000 new undergraduate students and their families will arrive on campus.


New book untangles Tuscany’s complex, hidden landscape

A new book about the Tuscany region of Italy by architecture faculty member D. Medina Lasansky uncovers overlooked aspects of the often idealized region, where food, landscape and architecture are intertwined.

An untold story of the foreclosure crisis: college costs

Although subprime mortgage lending and unemployment were largely responsible for the wave of foreclosures during the Great Recession, additional sources of financial risk, including college costs, may have exacerbated the crisis.

NY’s master gardeners take master class at Cornell

More than 100 volunteers and educators in the Master Gardener Program visited Cornell AgriTech to learn about the latest in gardening practices and research.

Details of HIV-1 structure open door for potential therapies

New research provides details of how the structure of the HIV-1 virus is assembled, findings that offer potential new targets for treatment.

Adult education scholar Arthur Wilson dies at 67

Arthur L. “Butch” Wilson, professor and chair of Cornell’s former Department of Education, died May 10 in Lexington, Virginia. He was 67.

‘Toolkit’ aids sustainable manufacture of medicines

A new technique that combines electricity and chemistry offers a way for pharmaceuticals to be manufactured in an easily scaled-up and sustainable way.