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Increased alcohol tax is needed to combat alcohol-related problems; Cornell expert estimates alcohol's effects on earnings, marriage

The federal tax on alcohol should be as much as five times greater than it is now to reduce alcohol problems in this country, where about 10 percent of adults are problem drinkers, according to a Cornell study.

Economist calls for progressive consumption tax over flat tax growth

BALTIMORE -- A Cornell University economist is calling for the adoption of a progressive consumption tax over the controversial flat tax proposal as a way of curing America's most pressing economic ills: income inequality and slow growth.

Cornell's Carl Sagan receives AAAS Public Understanding award

BALTIMORE -- Carl Sagan, the David Duncan Professor of Astronomy and Space Sciences and director of the Laboratory for Planetary Studies at Cornell University, today (Feb. 10) received the 1995 AAAS Award for Public Understanding of Science and Technology.

Halfway through winter, climatologists are coiled for spring

As certain clairvoyant groundhogs lead the charge toward spring, Cornell climatologists say that, statistically, the bulk of winter's bad weather already may be behind us as of Feb 2.

Frank Rhodes addresses AAAS meeting

Cornell President Emeritus Frank H.T. Rhodes addressed the AAAS meeting on the relationship between the university and society.

At Cornell, groundhog is harbinger of health

The groundhog (also known as the woodchuck) is honored at Cornell for its indispensable contributions to the study of liver disease in humans.

Groundhog Day facts and factoids

Got questions about Groundhog Day? We've got answers. Woodchuck and groundhog are common terms for the same animal, the rodent with the scientific name of Marmota monax.

Cornell student hospitalized with suspected meningococcemia

A Cornell student has been hospitalized with suspected meningococcal disease. Initial tests indicate that the student, a 19-year-old female freshman, is suffering from meningococcemia, a severe bacterial infection in the bloodstream.

Counter-rotating stars are, surprisingly, found in a 'boring'

Cornell astronomers, observing what they call "the most boring, average galaxy" they could find, have discovered some unusual mechanics: counter-rotating stars in a spiral galaxy.

Toxic chemicals in soils may not be as hazardous as once thought

Some toxic chemicals buried in soil may not be as hazardous as once thought because their toxicity decreases over time, according to a Cornell University scientist.

Feline leukemia test and strict quarantine can prevent

Lacking a sure vaccination or cure for feline leukemia, the best way to halt the number-one viral killer of cats is to prevent contact with pets that have it.

Americans retiring earlier but living longer pose challenges

With more Americans retiring earlier yet living longer than ever before, the country has a growing number of vigorous adults who no longer are in their career jobs but are not old. They are in a life stage for which they and society are totally unprepared.