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Stephen Ceci to receive developmental psychology award

Stephen Ceci, the Helen L. Carr Professor of Developmental Psychology, will receive the American Psychological Associations’ G. Stanley Hall award in August 2018.

New study sheds light on mysterious plant compounds

Gaurav Moghe has undertaken characterization of acylsugars, a family of compounds found only in potatoes, tomatoes and peppers, that play an important role in plant self-defense.

Celebration guests extol Cornell Tech’s beauty, achievement and promise

On the eve of the Cornell Tech campus dedication, excitement was already building as guests gathered for a cocktail hour, art tours, live musical entertainment and a celebration dinner.

‘Revolutionary’ Cornell Tech campus in NYC dedicated

Cornell officially strengthened its already sizable New York City presence Sept. 13 with the dedication of the glittering, futuristic Cornell Tech campus on Roosevelt Island.


One Big Red: Ithaca’s Cornellians celebrate NYC campus opening

Far above Cayuga’s calm waters, Cornell students, faculty and staff gathered Sept. 13 to celebrate events bounded by the fast-flowing East River: The opening of the Cornell Tech campus on New York City’s Roosevelt Island.

Cleese offers insight to happiness: ‘modest aims, have cats’

Provost’s Visiting Professor John Cleese covered a broad range of topics, from love to stupidity to money, in a public talk in Bailey Hall Sept. 11. His overarching theme: Always look on the bright side of life.

Nanosensors measure fat in live cells

Nano-sized sensors developed by Weill Cornell Medicine and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center researchers can measure lipids, or fat molecules, in special compartments within live cells.

Law scholars dissect Trump’s immigration actions

Three eminent constitutional scholars discussed President Donald Trump’s DACA rescission and travel ban Sept. 8 in Myron Taylor Hall. They also talked about the expansion of executive power in recent decades.

Cornell Tech will help make computers ‘accountable’

Cornell Tech researchers will lead a nationwide team of computer scientists in a project to make automated decision-making systems “accountable,” ensuring that they respect privacy and make decisions fairly.

Class teaches math and music with hands-on approach

Students faced many challenges in the course The Art of Math: Mathematical Traditions of Symmetry and Harmony.

By design: Art and architecture signal Cornell Tech mission

With architectural design and aesthetics reflecting its mission of collaboration and innovation, Cornell Tech is dedicating a new type of urban campus in the heart of New York City.

Cornell Tech fosters community connection and collaboration

Cornell Tech has fostered community connections through partnerships with Roosevelt Island residents, the City University of New York, and local schools in New York City and Ithaca in advance of the dedication of the Roosevelt Island campus Sept. 13.