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Arctic ice cap destabilizes at ‘unprecedented’ speed

Satellite images revealing an Arctic ice cap destabilizing at “unexpected and unprecedented” speed have scientists questioning the stability of some polar ice caps.

Study finds glyphosate in cat and dog food

A new study finds that glyphosate, the active herbicidal ingredient in weed killers, was present at low levels in a variety of dog and cat foods.

New group to study AI’s impact on decision-making

The new Artificial Intelligence, Policy, and Practice Initiative will bring together a community of scholars with expertise in computing, the law, social science, communications and philosophy to create opportunities to collaborate on research.

Cooling effect of preindustrial fires on climate underestimated

A new study finds that emissions from fire activity were significantly greater in the preindustrial era, which began around 1750, than previously thought.

‘Turbocharging’ photosynthesis increases plant biomass

Scientists from the Boyce Thompson Institute and Cornell have boosted a carbon-craving enzyme called RuBisCO to turbocharge photosynthesis in corn – promising to improve agricultural efficiency and yield.

Display visualizes North Campus Residential Expansion

A mock-up of exterior materials for North Campus Residential Expansion facilities was installed this week on the south field opposite Mews Hall to allow project designers to visualize aesthetic options for the new buildings.

United Way kickoff mixes comedy and commitment

A festive celebration in Willard Straight Hall kicked off the Cornell United Way campaign Sept. 26; the campaign raised more than $91,000 in its first 24 hours.


Weill Cornell Medicine receives $2.7M grant for Diversity Center of Excellence

Weill Cornell Medicine was awarded a $2.7 million grant to establish a Diversity Center of Excellence to increase the number of minority physicians in academic medicine.

Things to Do, Sept. 28-Oct. 5, 2018

Events this week include the 2018 CCA Biennial; a celebration of Finger Lakes cider on campus; exiled writer Kanchana Ugbabe; '70s political satires and Czech puppet films at Cornell Cinema; and book talks on social media and Indian migration.

Service fair promotes campus-community engagement

A service fair highlighting the work of a range of local organizations will be held Oct. 3 on the Cornell Arts Quad. The fair is free and open to the public.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor to visit Cornell Oct. 18

Sonia Sotomayor, associate justice of the United States Supreme Court, will participate in a “fireside chat” in Bailey Hall at noon Oct. 18.

Listen to an ultrasonic forest soundscape

Laurel Symes, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology Edward W. Rose Postdoctoral Fellow, studies the sounds of forest creatures.