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Things to Do, Jan. 25-Feb. 1, 2019

Events this week include a Glee Club concert; new films and Ithaca filmmakers at Cornell Cinema; a Cornell-developed technology showcase in Duffield Hall and new exhibitions at the Johnson Museum.

Program advances art of team building around the world

The Cornell Alliance for Science’s Global Leadership Fellows program teaches teams how to function across differences, so that workers can thrive in a culture of trust and respect.

New AAP dean sees opportunities for collaboration

As she begins her term as dean, J. Meejin Yoon, B.Arch. ’95, discusses opportunities and challenges for the College of Architecture, Art and Planning and its students and faculty.

Ithaca College president urges living a life of integrity

Shirley M. Collado, president of Ithaca College, urged her audience of more than 160 in Sage Chapel Jan. 17 to “model a humanity we want our youth to reflect back to us.”


Schwartz awards fund research in organ size, diabetes

Cornell professors Adrienne Roeder and Bethany Cummings both will receive $15,000 as winners of the 2019 Schwartz Research Fund for Women in the Life Sciences award.

Streaming chill vibes? Spotify data says the season is the reason

A study of 765 million downloads from streaming service Spotify reveals clear patterns in musical preferences based on geography, gender, time of day and other considerations.

Computer program aids food safety experts with pathogen testing

A new computer program can help food safety experts tasked with monitoring production plants for food-borne pathogens.

What happens when bosses don’t practice what they preach?

Managers who say one thing and do another often get negative reactions from employees. But the misalignment of words and deeds can be viewed as neutral or even positive, says Cornell researcher Brian Lucas.

CO2 soil sequestration plan aims to relieve atmospheric warming

An international group of scientists and other professionals, co-led by a Cornell professor, have offered solutions for sequestering atmospheric carbon.

Scientists tackle breeding challenges of land mine-finding rats

Cornell researchers have determined a distinct reproductive-system characteristic of pouched rats that could help in breeding of the rodents, which are excellent at detecting land mines.

Anthony Burrow receives Engaged Scholar Prize

Anthony Burrow, associate professor of human development, has won Cornell’s fourth annual Engaged Scholar Prize, which recognizes a faculty member’s innovative approach to community-based scholarship.

Historic building is hub for Cornell in NYC

On Jan. 2, the School of Industrial and Labor Relations’ new New York City headquarters and conference center opened in the historic General Electric building at 570 Lexington Ave. Several other Cornell colleges, units and programs will soon be using space in the building.