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Riché Richardson: from surgery to recovery to hope

At the March 28 Soup & Hope, associate professor of African-American literature Riché Richardson recounted how surgeries and faith taught her to live life to the fullest. 

Staff News

Physicist to explain quantum entanglement in Bethe Lecture

Physicist John Preskill will explain quantum entanglement, and why it makes quantum information unique, in the spring Hans Bethe Lecture, April 10 in Schwartz Auditorium, Rockefeller Hall.

Horses, raptors and more at annual Veterinary College Open House

Animal lovers of all ages are invited to attend the 53rd annual Open House at the College of Veterinary Medicine on Saturday, April 6, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


‘Explore’ Engaged Cornell with new online database

Community-engaged learning, leadership and research is easier than ever to find thanks to Explore, a new feature on the Engaged Cornell website. 


Fine-tuning photons to capture fleeting electron motions

Cornell researchers have discovered a way to accelerate photons using four orders of magnitude less energy than existing methods, paving the way for ultraviolet lasers that can capture processes lasting a quintillionth of a second.

Chicago tops list of most dangerous cities for migrating birds

An estimated 600 million birds die from building collisions every year in the U.S., and research from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology offers one explanation for it: a combination of light pollution and geography.

Arts and Sciences expands advising seminars to all first-year students

Starting this fall, all incoming students in the College of Arts and Sciences will meet weekly in small groups with a faculty member to help make their transition to college life easier. 

Former Statler manager receives Tompkins Chamber award

Richard Adie, managing director of Cornell University’s Statler Hotel from 2002 until his retirement in 2018, received the Howard Cogan Tourism Award from the Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce March 28.

Staff News

Accepted Class of 2023 students most diverse ever

Cornell received more than 49,000 applications and admitted a total of 5,183 students, including early admission candidates, bringing its overall admission rate to 10.6 percent.

Regional Town-Gown Conference takes on transportation

The fourth annual Cornell University Regional Town-Gown Conference, held March 26, focused on the logistics and challenges of transportation, or getting people and things where they need to go.

Staff News

CCE podcast taps the sweet innovation of NYS maple

Cornell Cooperative Extension Lewis County Executive Director Michele Ledoux joins the “Extension Out Loud” podcast for an episode on all things maple.

USAID Center of Excellence pairs Cornell, Cairo University

The U.S. Agency for International Development has launched a five-year, $30 million project between Cornell and Cairo University to create a Center of Excellence in Agriculture in Egypt.