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New Arts and Sciences podcast season explores inequality

What do we know about inequality? This question and many more will be explored in the new season of the “What Makes Us Human?” podcast and essay series, from the College of Arts and Sciences.


Influential writer, teacher Robert Morgan celebrated Oct. 3

Robert Morgan, an influential American writer and one of Cornell’s most beloved professors, will be honored at a celebration on campus on his 75th birthday.

Cornell launches online course on inclusive teaching

Teaching & Learning in the Diverse Classroom, created and piloted last year at Cornell, will be available to all educators in November as a massive open online course.

Staff News

‘Migrations’ is theme of Cornell’s first Global Grand Challenge

After an eight-month study, a task force of 16 faculty members has chosen “Migrations” as the theme of the first Cornell Global Grand Challenge, which will tackle the issue with resources from across the university.

Staff News

Public interest lawyer is ILR program’s Visiting Activist Scholar

Sam Magavern, a public interest lawyer and community leader in his hometown of Buffalo, New York, is the new Cornell Buffalo Co-Lab Visiting Activist Scholar for the 2019-20 academic year.

Professor’s perceptron paved the way for AI – 60 years too soon

As the Faculty of Computing and Information Science celebrates its 20th year, Frank Rosenblatt’s prescient research into artificial intelligence underscores Cornell’s pivotal role in computing history.

Season 3 of ‘Antiquitas’ podcast kicks off with great battles

“Great Battles of the Ancient World,” the new season of the “Antiquitas” podcast presented by Barry Strauss, professor of humanistic studies in the College of Arts and Sciences, premieres Oct. 3.


NIH grants food scientists $2.6M to battle bacteria

The NIH has awarded Cornell a $2.6 million grant to study bacteriophages – microscopic foot soldiers in the fight against pathogenic bacteria.

Cornell partners with MTA to jump-start transit innovation

The “New Day at the MTA” conference, co-sponsored by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute at Cornell Tech and the Empire State Development Corporation, explored solutions for an aging transit system that moves 8.6 million people a day.

First editor recalls Chronicle’s creation 50 years ago

Arthur Brodeur ’58, the first editor of the Cornell Chronicle, reflects on the Chronicle’s earliest days, including its inaugural edition on Sept. 25, 1969. Here’s a look back, on the Chronicle’s 50th anniversary.

Staff News

Missing electrons reveal the true face of a new copper-based catalyst

A collaboration between researchers from Cornell, Harvard, Stanford and the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory has resulted in a reactive copper-nitrene catalyst that pries apart carbon-hydrogen bonds and transforms them into carbon-nitrogen bonds, a crucial building block for chemical synthesis.

Study explores moth brains to improve drone flight

Silvia Ferrari, the John Brancaccio Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, has been awarded a grant to study the brains of moths with the goal of improving drone flight.