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'RBG' premieres on Labor Day on CNN

"RGB," the documentary on Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg ’54, airs Monday, Sept. 3 on CNN.


Things to Do, Aug. 31-Sept. 7, 2018

Events this week include CU Downtown on the Ithaca Commons, "Nuclear Visions" at Cornell Cinema, the Farmers' Market at Cornell, a fall opening reception at the Johnson Museum, and a book talk on refugee policy with María Cristina García.

New exhibit finds art in unusual places

A new exhibit of large-format photographs in a style artists Iftikhar Dadi and Elizabeth Dadi call "tilism" runs through Sept. 26.

Field research leads to surprising results for historian

Historian Mostafa Minawi spent seven months in Sudan, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Somalia and Djibouti, tracking down details for his new book. The most surprising thing he found, he said, was how alive that history is in some areas.

Book traces influence of Southern white politicians on the US

A new book reveals the influence of Southern white supremacists on national public policy from Reconstruction to the New Deal to today.

Slave ship image helped end slavery, new book shows

A new book by art historian Cheryl Finley studies an 18th-century slave ship schematic that became an enduring symbol of black resistance, identity and remembrance.

New book analyzes poetry across the world

Laurent Dubreuil, professor of comparative literature and Romance studies, has written “Poetry and Mind: Tractatus Poetico-Philosophicus.” 

Things to Do, Aug. 24-31, 2018

Events this week include Science on Tap, Festival24 and auditions at the Schwartz Center, Michelle Wolf at Bailey Hall, and films about the tumult of 1968.

Lectures explore politics and justice in the Trump era

“Politics and Justice in the Era of Donald Trump” will be explored in a lecture series at Cornell featuring eminent social scientists, beginning on Sept. 12.