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Women workers face tradeoffs, researchers find

ILR School shows that fewer U.S. women are entering the work force, and when European women take advantage of state services, they put their career advancement at risk.

Ron Ehrenberg honored by labor association

ILR School Professor Ronald G. Ehrenberg has been named a Labor and Employment Relations Association Fellow.

Natural disasters are especially hard on seniors

Older adults - many with limited mobility or socially isolated - are among the most vulnerable when major weather events paralyze city life, said Elaine Wethington in New York City March 5.

Student's research could shake up Wall Street

Aleksandar Zvorinji's '13, a College Scholar, is working to complete an algorithm that could outperform the markets with a high degree of confidence.

Berkenfeld to lecture on technology's impact on work

Steven Berkenfeld '81 will speak about technology's impact on the workplace March 13 at the ILR School.

Economists call on Washington to enact carbon tax

Professors Antonio Bento and Robert Frank urged the government to enact a carbon tax while they were in Washington, D.C., March 1.

Report finds it pays to hire disabled workers

An ILR School report finds that expanding the workplace talent pool through hiring employees with disabilities makes good business sense.

CALS seeks to meet needs of the world's poorest

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences launched the celebration of the 50th anniversary of its International Programs Feb. 15.

Mellon Foundation grant advances CHERI research

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has awarded a $640,000 research grant to the Cornell Higher Education Research Institute.