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Three new Tisch University Professors named

Three new Tisch University Professors – Nicholas Abbott, Catherine Kling and Daniel Lee – were named earlier this month by the Cornell University Board of Trustees, bringing to six the total number of current faculty carrying the honor and title.


22 student entrepreneurs join W.E. Cornell

Cornell’s new entrepreneurship program for women recently announced its first cohort of 22 students for the 2018-19 academic year.

Thanks, statistics! A faster way to improve mobile apps

Cornell statistician Shawn Mankad and his colleagues have found a faster way to improve mobile apps, with a new text-mining method that aggregates and parses customer reviews in one step.

Cornell Farm Ops sets up NYS veterans for success

Cornell’s Farm Ops program has changed the lives of thousands of veterans across New York by providing education, experts and resources to achieve success in agriculture.

Hatfield fellow calls for personally engaged leadership

Sandra E. Peterson ’80, the 36th Robert S. Hatfield Fellow in Economic Education, emphasized personally engaged leadership in her Nov. 1 lecture.

Global Grand Challenges event to spark faculty dialogue

Cross-campus gathering will focus on the biggest challenges facing the world, and help determine a theme on which the university will focus in the 2019-2020 academic year.

Podcast explores attachments to products and brands

Professor Kathryn LaTour, an expert in marketing hedonic experiences, discusses our love for certain products or brands in a new podcast.


Being smart about the smart grid

Drury Mackenzie, smart grid and innovation lead for the utility AVANGRID, discussed her work with smart grid technologies in New York state on Oct. 15.

eLab’s BrewJacket simplifies home brewing

BrewJacket, a Colorado-based company founded by alumni of Cornell University’s eLab accelerator program, has developed a product for those who brew beer at home.