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Online tech is changing the dynamics of gift-giving

Online gift-giving is spreading in social networks and causing people to give more gifts – online and in person – according to a new study led by René Kizilcec, Cornell assistant professor of information science.

Computers may help K-8 math teachers understand students’ thought processes

CIS researchers will present computer software to help K-8 math teachers grade math assignments at a conference in Montreal April 21-26.

Algorithms use at work subject of May 4-5 New York City workshop

ILR School faculty will teach “Algorithms at Work” May 4-5 at the Cornell Tech campus in New York City. 

Professor explores complexities of communicating the 'norms of science'

Bruce Lewenstein argued Feb. 20 that public communication is fundamental to science and that public disputes about reliable knowledge are not unique to our time.

Cornell helps unlock doors to careers in data science

A course offered by Computer Science, Operations Research and Information Engineering and the Department of Statistics introduces data science to any student.

Business faculty weigh the promise, pitfalls of technology

Three Cornell SC Johnson College of Business professors offered their thoughts on the value of technology during a Jan. 18 alumni event in San Francisco.

Team wins international competition merging fashion, science and technology

Three graduate students won an award for their garment concepts using technology geared toward the fitness and gaming communities.

Einaudi Center, Keio University join forces on cyber research

Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies and Keio University in Tokyo has signed an agreement to work on cybersecurity together.

Augmented reality takes 3-D printing to next level

Researchers are taking 3-D printing and 3-D modeling to a new level with augmented reality, which allows users to design in-situ while a robotic arm rapidly prints the work.