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Higher education in China is working hard to keep up with demand, says Tsinghua University president

Gu Binglin, president of Tsinghua University in Beijing, spoke at Cornell's Biotech building Aug. 26 about the state of higher education in China.

Powerhouse speakers address issue of socio-economic diversity

Achieving genuine diversity -- both of race and class -- remains one of the major challenges in the field of higher education in the 21st century. That challenge was addressed from a variety of perspectives during a powerhouse symposium in July that featured five current and former university presidents and a Stanford scholar. (Aug. 11, 2005)

Fellows praise Future of Minority Studies for 'building tram lines across the globe'

Cornell University's FMS summer fellows build 'tram lines across the globe' following a two-week seminar, "Feminist Identities, Global Struggles," and four symposia focused on diversity of gender, income, ethnicity and disability, July 25-Aug. 5. (Aug. 11, 2005)

Fifth anniversary of Open Doors, Open Hearts, Open Minds

A week of events starting Sept. 26 will mark the fifth anniversary of the adoption of the Open Doors, Open Hearts and Open Minds statement on diversity, tolerance and inclusiveness at Cornell.

2005 Perkins Prize awarded to King Commemoration Committee; annual ceremony to be held April 29 in Willard Straight Hall

The 2005 James A. Perkins Prize for Interracial Understanding and Harmony at Cornell will be awarded to the Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration Committee during a ceremony and reception April 29.

Diversity Digest: CU adds gender identity, expression to nondiscrimination policy

Cornell's commitment to diversity and inclusiveness includes areas protected by federal and state law, such as race, religion, sex, disability, veteran status and age, as well as areas protected under local law, such as sexual orientation and ex-offender status.

Bulgarian Ambassador Elena Poptodorova is visiting campus and delivering public lectures

The Honorable Elena Poptodorova, the ambassador from the Republic of Bulgaria to the United States, is visiting the Cornell campus this week to deliver public lectures and meet with community members, university students, faculty members and administrators.

Math department honors CU pioneer Elbert Cox, first black math Ph.D.

In 1917 three young men graduated from Indiana University with the word "Colored" emblazoned across their academic transcripts. One of them, Elbert Frank Cox, would go on to enter Cornell and become the first black man in history to receive a doctorate in pure mathematics. (Feb. 28, 2002)

Lee Teng-hui, former president of Taiwan, plans visit to Cornell in May

Lee Teng-hui, former president of Taiwan, is planning to travel to Cornell, where he earned his Ph.D. in agricultural economics in 1968, on a personal visit in early May to see his granddaughter, a Cornell student, and to meet with students and faculty at his alma mater. Lee's visit to Cornell is planned for May 2-4. No public speeches or events are anticipated.