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Cornell drops need-based loans for students from families earning under $75,000

Cornell announces a sweeping new financial aid initiative, starting next year, to eliminate need-based loans for all undergraduate students from families with income under $75,000, making it possible for new students to graduate debt-free. (Jan. 31, 2008)

Trustees approve 4.9 percent endowed tuition increase

The Cornell Board of Trustees has approved a 4.9 percent tuition increase for undergraduate students in the university's endowed colleges, and a 5.1 increase for those in the contract colleges. (Jan. 31, 2008)

Graduate tuition for endowed research students to drop by 10.1 percent

Tuition for Cornell's Graduate School will drop by 10.1 percent next year for students in research-degree programs affiliated with the endowed colleges, and it will fall by about another 30 percent over the next three years, Dean Alison G. Power has announced. (Jan. 31, 2008)

Minority affairs director Ray Dalton to step down

Raymond A. Dalton, executive director of Cornell's Office of Minority Educational Affairs for 14 years, will step down June 30. (Jan. 30, 2008)

Cornell Web space opens doors to everyone, including those with disabilities

The university is moving to make all its Web sites -- from the Cornell front page to individual course sites -- accessible to all users, including those with visual, hearing or other disabilities. (Jan. 29, 2008)

Students see firsthand how Asia is developing its first genetically engineered food crop

Cornell, Indian and Thai agricultural students toured greenhouses and field trials at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, where the pest-resistant eggplant that Cornell researchers helped develop is being tested. (Jan. 29, 2008)

Film and panel discussion at Cornell focus on destigmatizing mental illness

A Jan. 24 panel discussion at Cornell focused on the stigma of mental illness and how families cope when a member is diagnosed. (Jan. 29, 2008)

$2 billion campaign milestone announced at Manhattan celebration for Cornellians

The campaign milestone was announced by President David Skorton at the event, which was a celebration of the university's 'unparalleled capabilities' to solve some of the planet's most pressing problems through research, teaching and outreach. (Jan. 26, 2008)

Weill Cornell partners with Touch Foundation and Sanford Weill to train doctors in Tanzania

Weill Cornell has partnered with the Touch Foundation and Sanford Weill to train doctors in Tanzania in an effort to alleviate the health-care crisis gripping that country. (Jan. 25, 2008)