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Eating less, eating local and eating better could slash U.S. energy use, CU study finds

Americans could dramatically cut down on their energy use by changing their eating habits and farming in more traditional ways, says a new Cornell study. (Aug. 11, 2008)

10 simple tips to save energy costs at home

Substantial home energy savings can be as simple as changing humidity levels and washing clothes in cold water. (Aug. 7, 2008)

New Cornell institute focuses on invasive species

Cornell, with support from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, has established the Invasive Species Research Institute to improve invasive species management. (Aug. 7, 2008)

Behavioral ecology conference offers special pricing for Cornellians

Learn how animals mate, communicate, feed and prey by attending the 12th International Behavioral Ecology Congress, Aug. 10-14, at Cornell. (July 29, 2008)

Cornell experts participate in Empire Farm Days, Aug. 5-7

Cornell University will feature more than 600 exhibits on agricultural technology and products at this year's Empire Farm Days, Aug. 5-7, in Seneca Falls, N.Y. (July 25, 2008)

Cornell researchers ponder feasibility of undertaking algae for biofuel research

About 20 Cornell researchers discussed to what extent Cornell should pursue research in the area of using algae for biofuel at a July 16 luncheon sponsored by the Cornell Center for a Sustainable Future. (July 21, 2008)

Organic produce, grown within walking distance by students, sold weekly on Ag Quad

Every Tuesday afternoon, organic produce grown on Cornell's Dilmun Hill Student Organic Farm is sold on the Ag Quad. The farm also hosts work parties where volunteers can help farm and buy vegetables. (July 11, 2008)

Cornell's Project Budbreak encourages citizens to study local effects of climate change

The Cornell project encourages concerned citizens to study the effects of global warming on plants in their own backyards. (July 3, 2008)

Clinton praises CU green energy initiative but declines skateboard trial

The senator visited Syracuse's City Hall July 2 for an alternative energy forum featuring exhibits by the Cornell University Renewable Bioenergy Initiative and other sustainable energy projects. (July 3, 2008)