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Environmental review of transportation plan moves forward

The Town of Ithaca has adopted a findings statement on Cornell's transportation-focused Generic Environmental Impact Statement. (Feb. 18, 2009)

Good farm management can preserve nature without yield losses, says professor at AAAS

With proper management practices, farmers could grow crops while maintaining ecosystem services, said Cornell professor Alison Power during her AAAS presentation in Chicago. (Feb. 17, 2009)

e-SHOP tops list of priorities for cost-savings committee

The Campus Savings and Efficiencies Committee says that improving efficiency in e-SHOP as well as in printing and energy use will be among the university's first cost-saving efforts. (Feb. 16, 2009)

Improved test screens fungal pests for biofuel sources

Cornell researchers have improved a method that can now rapidly screen hundreds of fungal species to find ones that can most efficiently produce biofuels from such nonfood sources as cornstalks. (Feb. 11, 2009)

Student talks on globalization and the environment at World Social Forum

Natural resources major Apollonya Porcelli '10 spoke on violence against nature and the social and economic structures that can prevent it, from grassroots to governmental levels. (Feb. 11, 2009)

Cornell helps India's small farmers fight moth larvae with genetically modified eggplant

Small farmers in India will soon have a cheaper, safer and more effective option for growing one of India's favorite foods: genetically modified eggplant, developed with Cornell's help. (Feb. 10, 2009)

Hotel and Johnson schools team to offer real-world sustainability course

Global poverty, climate change, ecosystem degradation and other issues are being tackled in a new course offered by the School of Hotel Administration and the Johnson School. (Jan. 28, 2009)

Senior honored for men's fashion line that mixes used clothing with organic textiles

Heber Sanchez '09 has reaped a $25,000 Geoffrey Beene National Scholarship for designing a sustainable fashion line for young men that combines second-hand clothing with organic textiles. (Jan. 27, 2009)

Students help Botswana firm that markets wild-food products and helps locals

Over winter break, a Cornell team went to Botswana to help a fledgling natural-food products company that produces snacks from plants in the wild while benefiting local communities. (Jan. 14, 2009)