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A first: Cornell researchers quantify photocurrent loss in particle interface

A group led by Peng Chen has, for the first time, quantified the current loss that occurs in particle-to-particle interfaces in solar panels, which could inform future designs.

AI adjusts for gaps in citizen science data

Citizen science databases can be inconsistent, but Cornell researchers have developed a deep learning model that effectively corrects for location biases, leading to more reliable predictions.

CO2 soil sequestration plan aims to relieve atmospheric warming

An international group of scientists and other professionals, co-led by a Cornell professor, have offered solutions for sequestering atmospheric carbon.

Students, faculty shape global effort to cool a warming world

In a whirlwind of seminars, plenary sessions and corridor conversations, 17 Cornell students and six faculty attended COP24 in Katowice, Poland in December.  

The shape of water: When ag water management pays off

Farmers can get a significant payoff, especially when crop prices are high, by coordinating their water use with other farmers, according to new Cornell research.

Study creates roadmap for responsible geoengineering research

Senior engineering lecturer Douglas MacMartin has co-authored a study that suggests a protocol for geoengineering research and how it could ultimately impact public policy relating to climate change.

Summit keynote outlines peril climate change poses for indigenous peoples

In this era of rising atmospheric temperatures, Shorna Allred discussed her concerns about preserving the world’s indigenous societies during her keynote address Dec. 6 at Cornell’s 2018 Sustainability Leadership Summit.

Big picture look at climate change impact on U.S. agriculture: Midwest at risk

A new Cornell-led study shows that Midwest agriculture is increasingly vulnerable to climate change because of the region’s reliance on growing rain-fed crops.

Eighth annual TOGO awards celebrate community engagement

The 2018 Cornell Town-Gown Awards recognized three student partnerships with local organizations to develop new bus route signs, sponsor a pet health clinic and explore the future of local emergency medical services.

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