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Local Foods Fair in Mann Library hones in on community connections to farmers

The Local Foods Fair in Mann Library, Nov. 19, offered ways that community members can support small farmers and vice versa. (Nov. 24, 2009)

New grant enhances program to help budding farmers

Cornell's Small Farms Program has received a new three-year, $750,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to broaden its support for new farmers in the Northeast. (Nov. 23, 2009)

New map of variation in maize genetics holds promise for developing new varieties

New techniques may allow breeders and researchers to use this map of genetic variation to study and improve maize varieties. (Nov. 19, 2009)

Cornell returns collection of rare fungi to China

University delegates returned a rare collection of fungi to China Nov. 7, 70 years after it was smuggled out of the country and brought to Cornell for safekeeping. (Nov. 12, 2009)

At first Ithaca-Qatar debate, teams argue tobacco funding

At the first Cornell intercampus debate Nov. 4, students from Ithaca debated Weill Cornell Medical College-Qatar students in Doha about funding from tobacco companies. The Cornell-Ithaca team won. (Nov. 12, 2009)

Cornell releases predator beetle to battle hemlock pest

Cornell researchers released a well-studied beetle predator to test its ability to ward off a hemlock-killing aphid-like insect. (Nov. 10, 2009)

Nitrogen loss threatens desert plant life, study shows

Cornell researchers have discovered that heat leads to nitrogen loss in desert soils, a finding that may require climate change models to be altered. (Nov. 5, 2009)

Cornell Dining serves up Cornell-grown produce

This fall Cornell is taking the 'local foods' concept to a whole new level by buying corn, potatoes, squash and ornamental gourds directly from Cornell's farms. (Nov. 4, 2009)

Cornell receives nearly $850,000 to improve specialty crops

With the grants, researchers will examine pest and disease management techniques, crop productivity and plant health in New York's specialty crops sector, which generates $1.3 billion annually. (Nov. 2, 2009)