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With 1 billion people suffering from neglected tropical diseases, students attract top names to forum on global health

As part of Cornell's Africa Initiative, students at Weill Cornell Medical College organized a forum on neglected diseases that included some of the most important names in global health. (Feb. 23, 2007)

New cross-campus Global Health Program to offer grad program, undergrad minor, internships, lecture series

To address such pressing health challenges in the world as HIV/AIDS and malnutrition in developing nations, Cornell has established an innovative Global Health Program, a collaborative effort between Cornell's Ithaca campus and Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City. (Feb. 9, 2007)

Seven high school students from China spending summer studying at Cornell in pilot college preparatory program

For the first time in Cornell history, Chinese high school students are spending six weeks earning credit at the university's Summer College program. The U.S. government granted visas on June 23 to the students, who arrived in Ithaca on June 24.

Child soldiers coerced into military conflicts are barrier to peace process, two Cornell researchers assert

As long as children continue to be coerced into militias, peace talks in those countries to settle armed conflicts are unlikely, assert two Cornell University researchers. (June 9, 2006)

Chris Barrett takes a collaborative approach to the world's poorest people

Chris Barrett's economic development research takes him into the most poverty-stricken areas of rural Africa, the halls of Washington, D.C., and back to Cornell University, where he collaborates with biophysical and social scientists on innovative ways to improve the lives of some of the poorest people on Earth.

Wanted by Cornell and USDA researchers: A natural enemy to curb two invasive, poisonous vines

With no known enemies in North America, two types of invasive vines are growing rampant in forests and fields, threatening reforestation, fragile butterfly populations and bird habitats.

Cornell and India sign new agreement for agricultural development

Susan Henry, dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell, signed a memorandum of understanding with the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Dec. 12. Many of the Indian visitors were affiliated with the new Knowledge Initiative in Agriculture, an agreement between India and the United States. (December 13, 2005)

CU Winds to reach out to young musicians in Costa Rica

Children at a small rural music school in Costa Rica will receive like-new instruments and one-on-one lessons when the Cornell University Wind Ensemble tours there in January. (December 05, 2005)

From 'Harry Potter' to 'The Incredibles,' blockbuster movies turn to Cornell Lab of Ornithology for blockbuster sounds

When sound editors needed the twitterings, hoots and songs of a chiffchaff, burrowing owl, European robin, song thrush, common nightingale and rooks at a rookery for 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,' they called on Cornell's Macaulay Library