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Cities that support informal workers are trending

A growing number of international cities are taking more inclusive approaches for informal workers, such as home-based workers, street vendors and the self-employed, according to Cornell-led research.

Turkish researcher becomes her own subject

Turkish political scientist Simten Coşar has found the freedom to write and do scholarship at Cornell.

Stricter penalties announced for violations of US immigration regulations

An Aug. 9 U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services memorandum revised guidance about how it is handling the implementation of the unlawful presence policy for international students.

International leaders in science, agriculture, justice arrive Aug. 27

A new cohort arrives on campus Aug. 27 for the 2018 Cornell Alliance for Science Global Leadership Fellows Program.

Trace metals make a big splash with marine microorganisms

A new study shows trace metals, deposited by aerosols in the atmosphere, have a hefty impact on marine biota, affecting biological productivity.

For more cohesive police forces in war-torn countries, adding women may help

Adding women to security forces in war-torn countries could improve the cohesiveness of those forces, according to a new study by Sabrina Karim, a Cornell expert in gender and postconflict state-building.

GMO eggplant crop expands in Bangladesh

Farmers are rapidly adopting Bt eggplant brinjal in Bangladesh, resulting in reduced pesticide use and higher incomes, according to a new paper.

New book untangles Tuscany’s complex, hidden landscape

A new book about the Tuscany region of Italy by architecture faculty member D. Medina Lasansky uncovers overlooked aspects of the often idealized region, where food, landscape and architecture are intertwined.

Lehmann elected to Germany’s National Academy of Sciences

Johannes Lehmann, the Liberty Hyde Bailey Professor in the Soil and Crop Sciences Section of the School of Integrative Plant Science, was elected in May to the German National Academy of Sciences.