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Asians' switch to Western diet might bring Western-type diseases, new China-Taiwan study suggests

The long-term health benefits to Chinese and other Asian people who have traditionally existed on a primarily plant-based diet might be lost as more people in Asia switch to a Western-style diet that is rich in animal-based foods.

Study of salad dressings at Cornell suggests that mandatory nutrition labeling reduces consumer purchases of high-fat foods

After more than six years of mandatory food labeling, consumers are becoming savvier about high-fat foods on grocery shelves, says a Cornell economist. In a study, he found that sales of high-fat dressings significantly declined after mandatory labeling was instituted, providing evidence that the labels are influencing the sales of other high-fat foods as well.

Carpets in schools don't compromise indoor air quality, says Cornell researcher

Carpets in schools can help the quality of indoor air by trapping contaminants and allergens, says a Cornell University indoor environmental expert. (March 19, 2001)

Boyce Thompson-developed oral plant vaccine receiving first human trials for hepatitis B at Roswell Park

The Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research Inc., an affiliate of Cornell University, announced that clinical trials will begin today (July 7) at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, N.Y., to test the safety and immunogenicity of the world's first potential oral vaccine against the hepatitis B virus.

Chemicals in fruits and vegetables protect lung function, but differently for smokers and nonsmokers, Cornell study finds

Now add one more reason to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables: Their antioxidants seem to help protect lung function and may help prevent asthma, emphysema and chronic bronchitis, according to a new study.

Bad office air, not bad vibes, may cause many symptoms of sick building syndrome, a new Cornell study finds

Workers in poorly ventilated offices are twice as likely to report the symptoms of sick building syndrome as are employees in a well-ventilated environment, a new Cornell study finds.

Cornell's Health Awareness Week, Feb. 9-13, features address by expert on gender violence

An address by Jackson Katz, founder and director of MVP Strategies Inc., an organization that provides gender violence prevention training and materials to the U.S. military services, colleges, high schools, law enforcement agencies, community organizations and corporations, will highlight activities during Health Awareness Week on the Cornell.

Meningococcal disease vaccine is available at Cornell's Gannett Health Center

Following the recommendation of the American College Health Association, Cornell University Health Services now provides the meningococcal vaccine to students who want to be vaccinated against the disease.

Cornell study: When refugees sell food, it's often out of distress, not due to excess rations

When refugees sell or barter food, it's not always an indication that they've been given too much food relief, as donors assume, but because they are desperate to obtain different food, such as salt, necessary for survival.