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Experts call for more science in forensic science

Sunita Sah, a physician and assistant professor of management and organizations, says many forensic science methods have never been scientifically validated, which is jeopardizing the integrity of the judicial system.

Grant to unite Cornell, partners in fight against opioids

A grant will expand Cornell's research and work with partners on confronting opioid abuse through evidence-based interventions.

Analysis finds strong consensus on effectiveness of gender transition treatment

A new data analysis has found strong consensus that undergoing gender transition can improve transgender well-being.

Quality of Medicaid varies as a result of public policy

A new book by Jamila Michener, “Fragmented Democracy: Medicaid, Federalism and Unequal Politics,” finds unequal application of Medicaid undermines democracy.

Speaker addresses roots of fascism in Europe April 11

Political theorist Eleni Varikas will speak on “The Colonial Genealogies of Fascisms in Europe” on campus April 11.

Undergrad starts ‘Hate Has No Home Here’ campaign

Lucia Rodriguez '20 has brought the 'Hate Has No Home Here' campaign to Cornell from her native Chicago.

James Pitaro ’91 named president of ESPN

Cornell graduate James Pitaro ’91 was recently named president of ESPN and co-chair of Disney Media Networks.


Law experts address campus free speech, hate speech, April 10

Two law experts will address hate speech and proposals to enact speech codes on college campuses April 10. The conversation is part of the Free Speech Presidential Speaker Series on campus climate.

Student journal explores connections between politics and space

Students interested in foreign relations, law, economics, the environment and the way they would play out in space, launched Cornell Cosmic.