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Cornell librarians help train researchers in Africa

A pair of Cornell librarians traveled to Africa earlier this year to conduct workshops and help researchers advance food security and legal scholarship.

Ladies first: Law Review elects historic all-female board

For the first time in its history, the Cornell Law Review has elected a senior editorial board made up entirely of women. The board members believe theirs may be the first all-female board among the top 14 law schools the U.S.

Gender pay gap shrinks when companies disclose wages

A new study suggests companies that disclose their wages can shrink the gap between what men and women earn by 7 percent. And it makes the workplace more equitable in other ways as well.

Smithers Institute receives grant to study veteran transition

The Smithers Institute at the ILR School has been awarded a Defense Department research grant for a four-year study examining the transition from military to civilian employment.

Michał Matejczuk named a 2019-20 Luce Scholar

Graduate student Michał Matejczuk has been named a Luce Scholar by the Henry Luce Foundation and will spend a year working in Asia starting this summer.

ILR’s Yang-Tan Institute gives youth with disabilities a boost

A research project supported by the ILR School's Yang-Tan Institute is helping to give young people with disabilities a chance at better lives through education, work.

Mahowald to lead conference on atmospheric CO2 removal

Climate change expert Natalie Mahowald will deliver the keynote address on removing atmospheric carbon at the 2019 Polson Institute Future of Development symposium.

ILR study: Workplace sexual harassment impacts 1 in 10 in NY

A study by the ILR School’s Worker Institute reveals that more than 1 in 10 New Yorkers, including 12.2 percent of women, experience quid pro quo workplace sexual harassment.

Mahowald to Congress: Act now to arrest climate change

Cornell professor Natalie Mahowald offered straightforward and hopeful testimony on Earth’s warming atmosphere Feb. 13 in a three-hour hearing on climate change before the House Science, Space and Technology Committee.