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Colors are composed by brain, not eyes, Cornell experiment shows

Trying to cope with red flashing lights on green moving objects, the human visual system is tricked into revealing where yellow -- and all other colors -- apparently are composed: in the visual cortex of the brain.

Cornell class project could bloom into an industry

What started as a casual screening of raspberry varieties in the greenhouse grew into a graduate student class project and may soon blossom into a large-scale, full-fledged agricultural industry for New York: fresh, sweet raspberries in winter.

Tree-climbing researcher knows exactly how far the crow flies

Much too common for some people's tastes and largely neglected by ornithologists, the plain old American crow gets special attention from one Cornell University researcher.

Veterinary Open House April 12. 1997 at Cornell offers close-up of animals, animal doctors and techniques that heal

A behind-the-scenes tour of the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine awaits visitors at the college's annual open house April 12, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Francis A. Kallfelz is named James Law Professor at Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine

Francis A. Kallfelz, D.V.M., has been appointed a James Law Professor of Medicine at the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine. His appointment was approved by the Cornell Board of Trustees at its March meeting.

Fabric-eating cats sought for study at Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine Condition may be feline obsessive-compulsive disorder, animal-behavior experts suggest

One of the most bizarre and baffling cat behaviors, fabric-eating, is the subject of a new study at Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine, where nearby cats are sought for medical trials.

Cornell-Quebec project aims to turn back raccoon rabies from international border

Concerned that raccoon rabies could infect wildlife and humans, Canadian authorities are reaching across the border to help support oral vaccination programs in Northeastern states by veterinarians and wildlife biologists from the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Well-pet clinic opens at Ithaca's Southside Community Center Cornell veterinarians, students take routine care to the community

Cornell's College of Veterinary Medicine and the Southside Community Center are co-sponsoring routine health care clinics for pets owned by persons of limited means, one night a month at the center, 305 S. Plain St.

'Udderly' amazing open house at Cornell's animal science research center in Dryden is Oct. 5

Hey kids! Take your parents and friends on a behind-the-scenes tour of Cornell's Animal Science Teaching & Research Center in Dryden, N.Y., on Saturday, Oct. 5. This free open house offers tours from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.