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Engineers scrap the stethoscope, measure vital signs with radio waves

Cornell engineers have demonstrated a method for gathering vital signs using a cheap and covert system of radio-frequency signals and microchip "tags."

Engaged Faculty Fellows connect classroom and community

Seven faculty members are part of the yearlong Engaged Faculty Fellowship Program, which focuses on engaged courses and curricula.

As HHMI professor, Avery August will aid biology transfer students

Avery August, professor of immunology in the College of Veterinary Medicine and incoming vice provost for academic affairs, has been named a Howard Hughes Medical Institute professor.

Typhoid fever toxin has a sweet tooth

A new study of a bacterium from researchers at the College of Veterinary Medicine may lead to novel, targeted treatments of typhoid fever.

New initiative’s inaugural symposium bridges campuses

A symposium sponsored through the new Academic Integration Initiative aimed to link together collaborative research and discovery across Weill Cornell Medicine, Cornell Tech and Cornell’s main campus in Ithaca.

Cornell malting barley research boosts New York craft brewing industry

Researchers are leading a multiyear project aimed at bringing malting barley back to New York and helping farmers take advantage of opportunities offered by the crop.

Global fertilizer company acquires Cornell digital agriculture tech

Adapt-N, technology developed at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, has been acquired by Yara International ASA, a fertilizer company.

Study: Bigger honeybee colonies have quieter combs

A study of honeybee colonies finds that honeybees damp their combs to facilitate communication in a crowded hive.

Einaudi Center announces grant recipients

The Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies has awarded five seed grants and four small grants to support faculty members' international research.