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Nutritious red rice developed for the U.S.

Cornell and U.S Department of Agriculture researchers announced that they are releasing a nutritious new red rice cultivar that should appeal to people interested in alternative grains.

Water troughs are key to toxic E. coli spread in cattle

A major study led by Cornell researchers reveals for the first time that water troughs on farms are a pathway for the spread of toxic E. coli in cattle. 

Field researchers power new wildlife health blog

A new blog provides first-hand accounts from researchers across the globe as they promote the health of animals, people and the environment


Scientists, wildlife DJ, hip-hop archivists create 'BeastBox'

“Beastbox,” a free online game, takes sound clips from real wild animals and allows users to mix and match them into an endless variety of beats, breaks and drops.

National program stops pests in public housing

StopPests in Housing, part of the Northeast Integrated Pest Management Center, provides free technical assistance, consultations, training and resources for preventative pest control at federally subsidized housing sites nationwide.

Research museum secures rare California condors

The Cornell Museum of Vertebrates now has three California condor specimens in its collection, thanks to a donation by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.

Catherine Bertini to give Wolitzer seminar Feb. 15

Catherine Bertini, former executive director of the U.N.'s World Food Program, will deliver the Joyce Lindower Wolitzer ’76 and Steven Wolitzer Nutritional Seminar Thursday, Feb. 15.

To dye for: Exhibit showcases naturally tinted textiles

An opening for "Quiet Labor," an exhibit featuring naturally dyed textiles, garments, and artworks by participants in the Cornell Natural Dye Studio, took place Feb. 7 at the Cornell Botanic Gardens Nevin Welcome Center and will run until June 25.

Spatial memory allows hummingbirds to rule the roost

For a Costa Rican hummingbird, the long-billed hermit, mental prowess holds an edge over physical flamboyance.