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Podcast explores love of place

“Topophilia,” a new episode of the “What Makes Us Human” podcast series, examines what motivates people to care for Earth’s creatures and its places.


Study reveals why tropical mountains are so biodiverse

The same traits that make tropical mountain species among the most biodiverse ecosystems on Earth also make them more vulnerable to rapid climate changes, according to a new study. 

Researchers explore gut biology similarities across species and colleges

Praveen Sethupathy, associate professor of biomedical sciences in the College of Veterinary Medicine, and Nicolas Buchon, assistant professor of entomology in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, discuss their collaboration in the study of gut biology, gut microbes and intestinal stem cells.

Cornell Neurotech Symposium explores brain research

Three neuroscientists discussed brain science at the third annual Cornell Neurotech Mong Family Foundation Symposium Sept. 27.

Eight faculty honored with Weiss teaching awards

Eight faculty members have received Stephen H. Weiss Awards for excellence in their teaching of undergraduate students and contributions to undergraduate education.

Plant breeder taps latest technology to feed the world

Mike Gore, Ph.D. '09, professor of plant breeding and genetics, is working on a more efficient way to develop crops that produce higher yields and better nutrition profiles as the world's population grows.

Wildlife biologist Richard McNeil dies at 85

Richard McNeil, professor emeritus in the Department of Natural Resources, died Sept. 25 in Ithaca. He was 85.

Mosquito-to-mosquito infections keep dengue circulating

While mosquitoes acquire dengue viruses from people when they feed on blood, the insects can also infect each other, a recent study finds.

Artificial canine cadavers look and feel like the real thing

The College of Veterinary Medicine has introduced state-of-the-art artificial canine cadavers on which veterinary students can practice their surgical skills.