Citi signs on as tenant in The Bridge at Cornell Tech

Citigroup Inc. has leased 10,900 square feet in The Bridge at Cornell Tech. Citi employees will engage with Cornell Tech students, faculty, researchers, startups and other companies.

Weekly faculty rental apartments available at Cornell Tech

Weekly apartment rentals in The House at Cornell Tech, the residential building on Roosevelt Island in New York City, will be available beginning Aug. 20 for Cornell faculty and researchers.

Heritage and ancient grain project feeds a growing demand

A Cornell-led project is helping build a new local grain culture by providing research-backed, farm-to-table information on modern, ancient and heritage wheat varieties.

Protein prevents excess fluid from entering lung tissue

A protein found in the cells lining blood vessels plays a central role in preventing fluid and inflammatory cells from leaking into lung tissue, Weill Cornell Medicine researchers discovered.

Cornell SC Johnson: performance with passion and purpose

Soumitra Dutta, dean of the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, reflects on the accomplishments of the college's first year and goals for next year. Highlights include exceptional fundraising and innovative collaborations.

‘Fusion genes’ drive formation and growth of colorectal cancer

Genetic mutations caused by rearranged chromosomes drive the development and growth of certain colorectal cancers, according to new research conducted by Weill Cornell Medicine investigators.

Missing link identified between immune cells and Alzheimer’s

By studying the effects of immune cells that surround blood vessels in the brain, Weill Cornell Medicine researchers have discovered a new pathway that may contribute to Alzheimer’s disease.

Brain's network may provide insights into neurological disorders

A deeper understanding of the brain’s connectivity network of neurons and its relationship to the organ’s deep tissue could allow recognition of what processes relate to neurological disorders.

Out of the blue: Medieval fragments yield surprises

Researchers Louisa Smieska and Ruth Mullett are advancing studies of medieval illuminated manuscripts with X-ray imaging at CHESS of the pigment trace elements found in pages in Cornell collections.