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Cornellians teach Model UN at two NYC high schools

Members of the Cornell International Affairs Society spent their fall break piloting a program that taught Model United Nations, public speaking and debate skills to students at two New York City public high schools.

DJ Bambaataa ends visiting scholar term with public events

Hip-hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa makes his last official visit to Cornell in his role as a visiting scholar Oct. 26-28, when he'll meet with students on campus and speak at public events in Ithaca.

New DNA insights may lead to cancer therapy

New insights into a complex mechanism that contributes to the growth of telomeres, the repetitive sequences of DNA that protect the end of a cell’s chromosomes, may lead to future cancer treatments.

3-D organoids allow tests of lymphoma treatments

Cornell researchers have engineered a tissue culture that mimics the complex environment of lymphomas – a technology that promises to rapidly advance our understanding and treatment of these tumors.

Cornell Perspectives: Tech MBAs win business challenge

Let's Epicure, a startup created by Rachel Wang, MBA '15, Claire Lambrecht '06, MBA '15, and Miwa Takaki, MBA '15 won a $10,000 business competition prize for their company, which helps with healthy eating.

Weill analysis finds high prevalence of hepatitis C

A new Weill Cornell Medicine analysis finds a much higher prevalence of hepatitis C than was previously estimated because some marginalized populations have been excluded from previous data.

New book examines consciousness in brain injury patients

In a new book, a Weill Cornell Medicine physician argues for advocacy and awareness on behalf of people with severe brain injuries who risk becoming deeply marginalized.

Cornell staff advise NYC urban farmers at symposium

Cornell scientists participated in Grow: Urban Garden Symposium in New York City Oct. 14, advising new and experienced gardeners on techniques and procedure to grow produce in the city.

Entrepreneurship Summit NYC set for Nov. 6

The fourth Cornell Entrepreneurship Summit NYC on Nov. 6 will feature will feature 11 entrepreneurial business leaders speaking in 15-minute TED-style talks about their entrepreneurial journeys.