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CIS researchers receive $2.5M NSF grant for cybersecurity

Researchers Andrew Myers, Elaine Shi, Greg Morrisett and Rafael Pass will explore a new approach that will make it easier to use cryptography to build more-secure systems.

Resort legend, Lyft founder honored with Hotel School awards

The School of Hotel Administration honored a hotel industry legend and a pioneer in ride-sharing apps at its ninth annual Cornell Hospitality Icon and Innovator Awards June 6 at The Pierre in Manhattan.

WCM hackathon focuses on 3-D printing innovation

The Clinical and Translational Science Center, in collaboration with the medical student group Tech-in-Medicine, hosted its first hackathon, the 3-D Printing Innovation Challenge, over the course of several days in May.

Cornell veterinarians lead 'pet oasis' on the JFK tarmac

This month, veterinarians from Cornell University helped open a new animal care and import-export center at John F. Kennedy International Airport called The ARK.

Davis-Manigaulte honored for NYC extension outreach

Jacqueline Davis-Manigaulte '72 won the 2017 National Urban Extension Leadership Award for excellence in urban extension programming and leadership for her Cornell University Cooperative Extension-New York City work.

Imaging technique shows molecular machinery at work

New imaging methods that allow researchers to track the individual protein molecules on the surface of cells offer unprecedented insight into how cells sense and respond to their environments.

NYC workshop tackles how to build sustainable cities

On May 23, more than 60 people gathered at the College of Architecture, Art and Planning's studio space in New York City to consider how built environments can help meet climate change challenges.

Study: Ketamine fails to treat pain, can cause hallucinations

A new study suggests that ketamine doesn't lower levels of pain or reduce the need for pain-killing opioid drugs in the days after an operation, has side effect.

Cornell Tech aims for net-zero efficiency at Bloomberg Center

Cornell Tech is planning for its Bloomberg Center academic building to reach net-zero and LEED Platinum status, with all of the energy needed to power the building generated on campus.