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'Doctor in the house' Skorton delivers final address to alumni

Introducing President David J. Skorton June 6 during Reunion before his final State of the University Address, Professor Glenn Altschuler, Ph.D. '76, gave a heartfelt assessment of Skorton's nine years at the university’s helm.

School of Hotel Administration gala honors two in NYC

Barry S. Sternlicht, founder of Starwood Hotels, and Damian J. Mogavero, CEO and founder of Avero, Inc., were honored at a School of Hotel Administration gala in New York City June 2.

Tweet! Upload your bird photos, and Merlin IDs species

In a breakthrough for computer vision and for bird-watching, researchers and bird enthusiasts have enabled computers to achieve a task that stumps most humans - identifying hundreds of bird species pictured in photos.

Cornell-Smithsonian partnership aims to save wildlife

Cornell and the Smithsonian Institution are expanding their collaboration to conserve endangered species, advise foreign governments on sustainable development and develop protocols to archive biological collections.

Stem cell technology could lead to ailing heart mending itself

A new technique, published May 28 in Stem Cell Reports, could allow scientists to generate large numbers of rare cells in the network that pushes the heart's chambers to consistently contract.

Weill Cornell Graduate School honors Avery August

Avery August, professor in the College of Veterinary Medicine, was awarded the Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences Distinguished Alumnus Award May 27.

Clinical test validates precision medicine for cancer

A Weill Cornell Medical College research team has shown how next-generation genome sequencing can offer new insights and treatment targets in patients with advanced, treatment-resistant cancer.

Message to Johnson, Cornell Tech grads: Make business better

The Johnson Graduate Recognition Ceremony May 23 recognized six Ph.D. and 380 M.B.A. candidates, including 39 students who in May 2014 entered the inaugural one-year M.B.A. program.

Cornell Tech student startups receive $40K awards

Cornell Tech awarded five student startup companies with $40,000 in pre-seed funding and one year of free co-working office space in its inaugural Startup Awards competition.