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Videos portray despair of alcoholism, promise of recovery

ILR School Professor Sam Bacharach and his colleagues have filmed the personal stories of recovering alcoholics as they reflect on their lives and struggle to remain sober. (Sept. 9, 2009)

As Jefferson fellow, Paul Kintner to spend the year at the State Department

The professor of electrical and computer engineering will advise the U.S. government on GPS, space weather and other defense-related topics this year as a State Department Jefferson Science Fellow. (Sept. 9, 2009)

Two professors spend summer exploring Woods Hole's microbial world

Cornell professors Steve Zinder and Dan Buckley and 20 advanced students spent six weeks on Cape Cod collecting, isolating and identifying novel microbes. (Sept. 9, 2009)

Alumnus recounts harrowing anecdotes from his foreign service career

William E. Ryerson '60 shared some of his experiences in the U.S. Foreign Service Sept. 3. A former ambassador to Albania, he served throughout eastern Europe. (Sept. 9, 2009)

Cornell is first in AARP history to win top award twice

The AARP has named Cornell the top U.S. employer for workers 50 and older for the second consecutive year. CU is the first employer in AARP's history to be recognized as the No. 1 employer more than once. (Sept. 9, 2009)

Helping people 'notice and respond' is goal of mental health awareness efforts

A new set of efforts is under way at Cornell to better arm faculty, staff, students and parents with the skills to recognize a person in distress, and to know what to do about it. (Sept. 9, 2009)

Trustee endows Bethe House professor-deanship in Dale Corson's name

With a $2 million gift from trustee Robert Harrison '76, the post of house professor-dean of Hans Bethe House has been endowed and named in honor of Cornell's eighth president, Dale R. Corson. (Sept. 9, 2009)

Cultural critic and conservation scientist are new A.D. White Professors-at-Large

Students will have the opportunity to learn from two new A.D. White Professors-at-Large: cultural critic Rebecca Solnit and conservationist Jeffrey McNeely, who were appointed to six-year terms. (Sept. 8, 2009)

Skorton named to high-level federal advisory council

Cornell President David Skorton has been named to the advisory council of the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering for a four-year term. (Sept. 8, 2009)