New York red wines show higher levels of resveratrol, a Cornell University study finds

New York state red wines have higher levels of resveratrol -- a naturally occurring substance in grapes that has been found to reduce the chance of heart disease and cancer -- than comparable wines from other regions of the world.

Fraternity leaders are the heaviest drinkers, national study shows

When it comes to fraternity drinking, following the leader can be a dangerous game, a new study shows. Leaders of fraternities, and to a lesser extent leaders of sororities, tend to be among the heaviest drinkers and the most out-of-control partiers.

University gardener's invention makes trees look bad for their own good

Eleven months a year, grounds workers at Cornell University's arboretum strive to keep the greenery attractive. Then, a month before Christmas, the arborists make some evergreens unappealing to potential thieves by coating boughs with Pink Ugly Mix.

Senior's company helps to produce Web pages for college courses

While most Cornell seniors are stressing over resumes and graduate school applications, Daniel Cane '98 is concentrating on his company's first academic marketing conference at the end of next month. (Oct. 16, 1997)

Four-legged 'Cornell Companions' draw kids out of their shells in Veterinary College's animal-assisted therapy program

Just when the world's getting really confusing and you're not feeling good about yourself, when it seems nobody will listen -- or even sit when you tell them to -- along come the Cornell Companions.

Vet College researchers seek 'spraying' cats for study of new treatment

Cats with the annoying habit of spraying urine on vertical surfaces are needed at the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine for a clinical trial of a new treatment.

Tree-climbing researcher knows exactly how far the crow flies

Much too common for some people's tastes and largely neglected by ornithologists, the plain old American crow gets special attention from one Cornell University researcher.

The impact of law on women is focus of Cornell Law School conference April 4-6

Issues of reproductive rights and violence against women take the spotlight in a national conference, 'Bodies, Boundaries and Beyond: The Impact of the Law on Women,' to be held April 4 through 6 at the Cornell Law School.

Cornell's summer day camp for children is accepting registrations for 1997 season

ITHACA, N.Y. -- Cornell University's summer day camp for children of employees is now accepting registrations for the 1997 season. University Summer Day Camp will be held June 24 through Aug. 15, in two-week sessions. Attendance is limited to children who will enter grades one through eight this fall. Camp director Dick Taylor said the 1997 University Summer Day Camp will have its headquarters in the Delta Tau Delta fraternity house on the corner of Campus Road and Stewart Avenue, but "the entire Cornell campus will be the 'campground' where campers explore, learn about the exciting things happening around campus and, most importantly, have a fun-filled summer."