Astronomers see clash of ‘titan’ galaxies … 13 billion years ago

A pair of massive, hyper-luminous galaxies, discovered by a Cornell professor and a graduate student, are merging in front of astronomer’s eyes for the first time and revealing secrets of cosmic creation.

Fuertes Observatory to celebrate a century of scanning Ithaca skies

“A Century of Observing at Fuertes” will be held Nov. 17 with reflections on the observatory’s history and long-term impact as a window to the cosmos for the community.

Collaboration seeks to reduce health care disparities through technology

Professors Saurabh Mehta and David Erickson, the co-founders of Cornell's Institute for Nutritional Sciences, Global Health and Technology (INSiGHT) discuss radical collaboration and using technology to solve global health problems.


Geoengineering might address climate change, MacMartin tells Congress

Geoengineering could be a valuable part of a comprehensive strategy for managing climate change impacts, a Cornell expert told Congress Nov. 8.

Saving Coney Island from the roller coaster of climate change

As sea levels rise, the Coney Island peninsula may become uninhabitable. Cornell landscape architecture graduate students wrestle with the island’s tenable, livable resilience as nature aims to reclaim it.

Engineers turn research into prototypes with Scale Up Awards

Four teams of engineering faculty and students each received up to $20,000 from the college to advance their laboratory research toward functioning prototypes.

Students dredge up eco solutions for Baltimore Harbor

Cornell graduate students will suggest eco-friendly uses for 1.5 million cubic yards of dredged material taken from Baltimore Harbor and Maryland’s Patapsco River.

Where did those electrons go? Decades-old mystery solved

A group led by physics professor Kyle Shen proposes an answer to a decades-old question regarding a class of materials known as "mixed valence" compounds, which display exotic physical properties.

First-ever visualization of enhanced catalytic activity reported

A group led by chemistry professor Peng Chen reports the first quantitative visualization of enhanced catalysis activity at the metal-metal interface of a single-molecule bimetallic nanocatalyst.