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Scientists seek to untangle ecological effects of water management

Cornell and Paleontological Research Institution scientists dug into the Colorado River's estuary mudflats to learn how upstream dams affect downstream mollusks. 

Mars’ crustal evolution does not follow Earth’s formula

Mars may not have an Earth-like, continental crust. Instead, a Cornell scientist poses an alternative theory: Crystalized magma welled up from inside the red planet.

$10.75M grant aids next-gen fuel cell development

Chemistry professor Héctor Abruña will lead a Department of Energy-sponsored Energy Frontier Research Center at Cornell, aimed at developing next-generation, alkaline-based fuel cells.

Electron microscope detector achieves record resolution

A group led by applied and engineering physics professor David Muller has achieved a record for electron microscopy resolution, using a device developed at Cornell by professor Sol Gruner. 

Carnivorous plant inspires sustainable mosquito-control device

A Cornell team has been named a winner in a global competition to create radically sustainable environmental solutions inspired by the natural world.

Cornell professors contribute to winning offshore wind energy alliance

Three Cornell professors contributed to the successful proposal to lead a new $18.5 million endeavor to enhance the United States’ wind-energy economy and nix greenhouse gas emissions.

Upson Hall makeover achieves LEED platinum

The completely reconstructed Upson Hall – for 60 years an anchor on the Engineering Quad and home to the Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering – has been certified LEED Platinum.

Bioengineers create pathway to personalized medicine

A group led by chemical and biomolecular engineering professor Matthew DeLisa has devised a cell-free method for producing glycosylated proteins, which could have impacts in personalized medicine. 

eLab startup Specdrums acquired by robotics company

Specdrums, a music technology company and alumnus of Rev: Ithaca Startup Work and Cornell eLab, has been acquired by Sphero, a national robotics firm.