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Girls get glimpse of their future in science

The W.O.M.E.N Outreach event on March 16 welcomed high school sophomore girls to campus to encourage their interest in science and engineering fields. 

Cornell JumpStart program to support six NY businesses

Six NYS businesses have been awarded funding to participate in the Cornell Center for Materials Research JumpStart Program, in which they collaborate with Cornell faculty to develop and improve their products.

Cornell, Air Force to study ‘disruptive material’ in new center

A center established by Cornell and the Air Force Research Lab aims to discover the atomic secrets of beta-gallium oxide, a new material important for the development of electronic devices.

Digital Ag Hackathon tackles pressing agricultural problems

Cornell’s first Digital Agriculture Hackathon saw students from a variety of disciplines come together to develop ways of addressing some of the world’s most pressing agricultural challenges.

Advances point the way to smaller, safer batteries

New Cornell research has advanced the design of solid-state batteries, a technology inherently safer than today’s lithium-ion batteries, which rely on flammable liquid electrolytes.

BanQu CEO illuminates blockchain path to social justice

At the Cornell Business Impact Symposium, keynote speaker Ashish Gadnis described a pathway to positive social impact that could help people around the world rise from poverty, reduce gender inequality, vanquish black markets and bring light to shadow economies.

D.C. workshop explores dimensions of new carbon economy

The Atkinson Center hosted a workshop Feb. 13 in Washington, D.C., that outlined an agenda highlighting Cornell’s research strengths in support of a new carbon economy.

In competition, people get discouraged by competent robots

A Cornell-led team has found that when robots are beating humans in contests for cash prizes, people consider themselves less competent and expend slightly less effort – and they tend to dislike the robots, too.

Ramshaw, Lin and Baskin win Sloan fellowships

Assistant professors Jeremy Baskin, Song Lin and Brad Ramshaw have been named recipients of Alfred P. Sloan Foundation fellowships, supporting early-career faculty members’ original research and broad-based education related to science, technology and economic performance.