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New Mechatronics final project has students, robots going cube crazy

A new wrinkle for the final project in Hadas Kress-Gazit's Mechatronics class had students building autonomous robots that competed in a game called Cube Craze.

Astronomer shares $3M physics Breakthrough Prize

Rachel Bean, professor of astronomy, is among a team of 27 scientists who won a share of the $3 million 2018 Breakthrough Prize in fundamental physics Dec. 3.

Cisterns could boost sustainable tourism on Greek island of Santorini

Cornell researchers are helping address water use on the Greek island of Santorini by reviving subterranean cisterns.

Cornell team devises rapid test for vitamin A, iron deficits

Cornell engineers and nutritionists have created a swift solution for a challenging global health problem: a low-cost, rapid test to detect iron and vitamin A deficiencies at the point of care.

Cornell Engineering online project management certificate launches

eCornell’s newProject Management online certificate program helps students build skills for the project-driven future.


On the highway to health: trimming toxins with trees

Cornell engineering students are creating a state-of-the-art computer model to strategically place trees on highways near residential areas to mitigate pollution particles and improve human health.

Grants fund 22 Cornell teams, community partners

Twenty-two projects have received fall 2017 Engaged Opportunity Grants for projects and programs that advance community engagement at Cornell.

Lance Collins receives inaugural Mosaic Medal of Distinction

Lance R. Collins, the Joseph Silbert Dean of Engineering at Cornell, was presented with the inaugural Mosaic Medal of Distinction in Washington, D.C. for his leadership in creating opportunities for diverse Cornell communities.

Dec. 5 global soil painting competition illustrates soil’s vital role

Graduate student Kirsten Kurtz is on a mission to save soil and turn our attention to its natural beauty by using it as paint.