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Team wins international competition merging fashion, science and technology

Three graduate students won an award for their garment concepts using technology geared toward the fitness and gaming communities.

Fors, Sridharan, Suntivich win Sloan fellowships

Brett Fors, Karthik Sridharan and Jin Suntivich have been awarded Sloan Foundation fellowships, which support early-career researchers and education related to science, technology and economic performance.

Chemist Coates wins prize for best Science paper

Chemist Geoffrey W. Coates has received the 2017 Newcomb Cleveland Prize for the best paper published in Science.

Smart herbs, weather app among Engineering Innovation winners

Thirty-three teams entered the Cornell Engineering Innovation Award Competition; prizes were awarded in three categories.

New grad housing is living lab for heat pump study

At the Maplewood Apartments project, now under construction, Cornell engineering students will deploy heat-pump monitors to study the system viability in a severe winter climate.

Cryogenic microscopy reveals atomic shifts of a manganite

Using scanning transmission electron microscopy at minus-180 degrees, a group led by assistant physics professor Lena Kourkoutis gained insights into how charge order evolves in a manganite.

Cornelia Ye Award recognizes teaching assistants Aguillon, Natarajan

Graduate teaching assistants Stepfanie Aguillon and Aravind Natarajan were honored with the 2017-18 Cornelia Ye Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award Jan. 22.

Aye Lab takes its protein-assessing tool to the next level

The lab of Yimon Aye, assistant professor of chemistry, has developed a new genome-wide method for identifying and analyzing proteins that could be suitable targets for drug delivery. 

Research probes key protein's role in cancer cell growth

The regulation and function of the oncogene RAS and two related proteins, K-Ras4a and K-Ras4b, are explored in a pair of recent papers from the lab of chemistry professor Hening Lin.