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Cornell's College of Veterinary Medicine develops protein tests to accurately diagnose pet food-poisoned dogs

While dogs keep dying from eating pet food tainted with aflatoxin, Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine is announcing it has developed protein tests that accurately indicate a dog's liver failure caused by the toxin.

Dogs keep dying: Too many owners remain unaware of toxic dog food

Even though Diamond, Country Value and Professional brand dog foods have been recalled for containing highly toxic aflatoxins, they have caused an estimated 100 dog deaths in recent weeks, say Cornell veterinarians.

Cornell animal hospital caring for dogs poisoned by contaminated commercial food that has killed several pets

Several dogs from the Rochester area suffered liver damage after ingesting commercial dog food contaminated with a fungal toxin, according to veterinarians at Cornell University's Hospital for Animals, where the dogs are being treated.

Elusive bird is everywhere and nowhere

As staffers hired by Cornell's Lab of Ornithology and volunteers gear up for a six-month search for the ivory-billed woodpecker, residents of Brinkley, Ark., may be wondering why it is so hard to find. (December 14, 2005)

United Way Campaign getting close to its goal -- but keep those pledges coming in

With the holiday season now in full swing, the 2005 Cornell United Way Campaign is well on its merry way to meeting its goal of $627,000. (December 13, 2005)

From mazes to Mars and tropical forests, high schoolers build virtual worlds aided by Cornell student mentors

About 18 Cornell University students hired by the Cornell Theory Center for its SciFair outreach program serve as online mentors to middle and high school students across the nation to help them research, design and build virtual worlds based on such issues as Mars exploration and the human genome project. (December 07, 2005)

CU Winds to reach out to young musicians in Costa Rica

Children at a small rural music school in Costa Rica will receive like-new instruments and one-on-one lessons when the Cornell University Wind Ensemble tours there in January. (December 05, 2005)

Cornell's Torres organizes D.C. avian flu conference to strengthen collaborations among health and wildlife experts

Avian flu experts emphasized the importance of dialogue and coordination among people in public health, animal health and wildlife management as essential preparation for a possible avian influenza pandemic, during a conference organized by Cornell.

New Orleans actress-playwright Yvette Sirker tells prescient tale of hurricanes and hubris

The definitive Hurricane Katrina play was written three months before the storm hit. The play is "Pink Collar Crime" by New Orleans actress-playwright Yvette Sirker, Cornell Class of '84. (November 30, 2005)