Life Sciences & Veterinary Medicine

  • Mealworm dipping

    Mealworm 'meat' team competes to feed the world

    Blaine Friedlander Bookmark 
    Think tofu but with a creepy-crawly, sustainable twist: A Cornell food science team will compete Feb. 14 at the Thought for Food Global Summit in Lisbon, Portugal, with C-fu – a new protein product made entirely of crushed mealworms.
  • Avery August

    August overcomes odds, receives E. E. Just Lecture Award

    Krishna Ramanujan Bookmark 
    Cornell immunologist Avery August unusual life path has led him the 2014 E.E. Just Lecture Award, given annually to an outstanding minority scientist.
  • MarchImage

    Diabetes in rats treated with engineered probiotic

    Krishna Ramanujan Bookmark 
    In a Cornell study of rats, researchers engineered a common gut bacteria, which when taken orally, helped control diabetes with the body’s own insulin. The study was published Jan. 27 in the journal Diabetes.
  • Churchill Eaglesham

    Biology major James Eaglesham awarded Churchill scholarship

    H. Roger Segelken Bookmark 
    Biology major James Eaglesham '15 is heading to Cambridge University as the Cornell’s newest Churchill scholar. He is one of 14 students nationwide to receive this honor and Cornell’s 21st Churchill scholar since 1975.
  • Ebola Alumna

    Alumna fights Ebola on the front lines in Liberia

    David Nutt Bookmark 
    CDC Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer Karlyn Beer ’06 helped Liberia combat Ebola on the front lines in the fall. She said safely caring for Ebola patients and preventing further transmission proved to be extremely complex.
  • Gulko Nature

    New computation method helps identify functional DNA

    Krishna Ramanujan Bookmark 
    Cornell scientists have created a new computational method that can identify positions in the human genome that play a role in the proper functioning of cells. The research was published in the Jan.19 edition of the journal Nature Genetics.
  • apple trees

    NSF grant plants seeds for building better fruit trees

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    Assistant professor of horticulture Kenong Xu is one of the leaders of a joint Cornell-USDA research team looking to uncover genes that control branch growth in fruit trees. The team received a $1.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation.
  • McGovern

    Movin' on up: Startup 'graduates' from McGovern incubator

    Anne Ju Bookmark 
    Agronomic Technology Corp. is the first business to "graduate" from the Kevin M. McGovern Family Center for Venture Development in the Life Sciences, which held a celebration of this milestone Jan. 8 in Weill Hall.
  • Alumina rejects E. coli

    New tech application keeps bacteria from sticking to surfaces

    Krishna Ramanujan Bookmark 
    Researchers from Cornell and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have developed a new type of nanoscale surface that bacteria can’t stick to, which could be good news for the food processing, medical and shipping industries.
  • Lisa Fortier examines sheep

    Knee meniscus fixed using revolutionary stem cell procedure

    Krishna Ramanujan Bookmark 
    Researchers report on a revolutionary new procedure that uses 3-D printing and the body’s stem cells to regenerate knee meniscus.