Life Sciences & Veterinary Medicine

  • alfalfa

    New alfalfa variety resists ravenous local pest

    Krishna Ramanujan Bookmark 
    Cornell plant breeders have released a new alfalfa variety with some resistance against alfalfa snout beetle, which has ravaged alfalfa fields in New York.
  • Kat Leigh

    Biology major Katharine Leigh wins Udall scholarship

    Susan Lang Bookmark 
    Katharine (Kat) Leigh '15, a biology major in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, has received a 2014 Morris K. Udall Scholarship.
  • Havana, Cuba

    Cornell initiates semester abroad in Havana

    Daniel Aloi Bookmark 
    For the first time, Cornell students can spend a semester abroad in Cuba, conducting research in the life sciences and taking courses at the University of Havana beginning this August.
  • technical dots

    See spots glow: Camera system aids cancer clinical trial

    Anne Ju Bookmark 
    An optical camera system integrated with Cornell-developed fluorescent nanoparticles called C dots is being used in a second FDA clinical trial.
  • forest elephants

    Elephant expert shares calls, images from the wild

    Jon Craig Bookmark 
    Peter H. Wrege, director of the Elephant Listening Project, shared sounds of the animals at play and under siege in central Africa. He spoke in New York City April 10.
  • aging dog with elderly woman

    Aging research goes to the dogs

    Carly Hodes Bookmark 
    Cornell researchers are joining collaborators from across the country to form the Canine Longevity Consortium - the first research network to study canine aging with hopes of gleaning insights into human aging.
  • dairy cow

    First metritis vaccine protects dairy cows

    Carly Hodes Bookmark 
    Cornell scientists have created the first vaccines that can prevent metritis, one of the most common cattle diseases. The infection not only harms animals and farmers’ profits but also drives more systemic antibiotic use on dairy farms than any other disease.
  • zinc in periodic table

    New method paves way for better dietary zinc test

    Krishna Ramanujan Bookmark 
    Unlocking ways to monitor a key nutrient, new Cornell research unveils a potentially sensitive method to test for zinc deficiency, a vital measurement that has posed problems for doctors and scientists.
  • Tiger beetle

    Tiger beetle's chase highlights mechanical law

    Anne Ju Bookmark 
    The tiger beetle, known for its speed and agility, does a stunningly optimal reorientation dance as it chases its prey at blinding speeds, Cornell mechanical engineers have observed.
  • sustainability

    Physical, social scientists tackle big questions

    Kathy Hovis Bookmark 
    In her new book Sara Pritchard, associate professor in the Department of Science and Technology Studies, looks at interdisciplinary collaboration on key questions.