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  • Sloan logo

    Three 'rising stars' boosted with Sloan fellowships

    Bill Steele Bookmark 
    Three Cornell assistant professors have received fellowships from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, whose goal is to support "the next generation of scientific leaders."
  • mummichog

    Undergrad finds how jumping fish navigate land to find new pools

    Krishna Ramanujan Bookmark 
    An undergraduate biology researcher describes for the first time how a small East Coast killifish jumps upright on land to see and navigate between tide pools - a possible clue into how sea creatures adapted to land.
  • Shark

    Cornell sinks teeth into four new MOOCs

    Blaine Friedlander Bookmark 
    Cornell will offer four new massive open online courses - or MOOCs - in 2016. Learn abouts sharks, GMOs, engineering simulations and how mergers and acquisitions get done.
  • Pregnant woman

    Web tools help expectant moms counter weight gain

    Krishna Ramanujan Bookmark 
    Websites and phone apps that offer information and tools can be effective to help prevent major weight gain and obesity associated with pregnancy, according to Cornell studies.
  • Sternglass

    Physicist Ernest Sternglass dies at 91

    Blaine Friedlander Bookmark 
    Ernest Sternglass ’44, M.S. ’51, Ph.D. ’53, whose correspondence with Albert Einstein led to an electron amplification discovery that allowed millions to watch Apollo 11 astronauts walking on the moon, died Feb. 12 in Ithaca.
  • amur tiger

    Distemper virus affects wild carnivores of all stripes

    Merry R. Buckley Bookmark 
    Scientists are urging swift action to combat canine distemper virus, which is killing such endangered species as Amur tigers and lions in Africa. The virus is closely related to the virus that causes measles in humans.
  • Water pipe

    Sanitation scores in India have room for improvement

    H. Roger Segelken Bookmark 
    Because urban sanitation scores don't tell the whole story in India, Cornell water-resources experts recommend allowing cities to custom-design measures that will save lives and lift their residents to improved health.
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    Darwin Days highlights evolution on a local scale

    Daniel Aloi Bookmark 
    Discover “Evolution in Your Backyard” and celebrate the life and ideas of Charles Darwin at campus and community events for Ithaca’s annual Darwin Days celebration, through Feb. 14.
  • Electron

    NSF grant to fund ‘revolutionary’ electron microscope

    Anne Ju Bookmark 
    The NSF has awarded Cornell $2.7 million to acquire a cryogenic, aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscope. The microscope could revolutionize research in biology, physics and materials science
  • Bruce Lewenstein

    Cornell sending strong contingent to AAAS 2015

    Blaine Friedlander Bookmark 
    Cornell faculty members to speak on an array of topics at the American Association for the Advancement of Science 2015 annual meeting to be held Feb. 12-16 in San Jose, California.