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Book charts trend of retirees moving to rural communities

'Rural Retirement Migration,' a book written by Cornell development sociologists David L. Brown and Nina Glasgow, details the positive and negative effects of older people moving into communities. (Aug. 21, 2008)

Population center and its demographic research boosted by $1.15 million grant

The U.S. National Institutes of Health has awarded the Cornell Population Program a $1.15 million grant to expand its abilities to conduct national and international demographic research. (Aug. 15, 2008)

Overworking husbands drive working wives back into the home, study finds

Working long hours has increasingly become expected in the work culture, yet seemingly gender-neutral workplace norms can result in discriminatory outcomes, the study says. (Aug. 1, 2008)

Mannix is new vice provost for equity and inclusion

Mannix, professor of management at the Johnson School and director of the Institute for the Social Sciences, has been named vice provost for equity and inclusion, effective July 15. (July 29, 2008)

Children are hurt by chaos at home, says trio of professors

Children, especially low-income and minority children, are hurt by the effects of chaos at home, triggered by divorce, remarriage and the fast pace of modern life, said researchers at a videoconference. (July 28, 2008)

Green Party VP nominee holds Cornell graduate degree

Rosa A. Clemente, who received a master of professional studies degree from Cornell in 2002, has been named the 2008 vice presidential candidate by the Green Party. Her running mate is Cynthia McKinney. (July 16, 2008)

Thick and thin diners differ in approach to buffet eating

When it comes to chowing down at all-you-can-eat Chinese buffets, thinner people do it differently, finds a new Cornell study. They tend to browse and chew more, use chopsticks and smaller plates. (July 14, 2008)

Skorton to serve on Chronicle of Higher Ed/New York Times higher education cabinet

President David Skorton has accepted a position on the Chronicle of Higher Education/New York Times Higher Education Cabinet, a community of 57 college and university presidents and chancellors. (July 11, 2008)

Cornell launches Center for Teaching Excellence

The center was established to address large classes, diverse learning styles and different levels of teaching experience. (July 8, 2008)