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Cornell surveys students on campus and in swing states

Cornell's Survey Research Institute is conducting an unprecedented survey of U.S. college students at Cornell and in four 'swing' states about the 2008 presidential election. (Oct. 13, 2008)

Harvard prof: America is ready for change with presidential election

Harvard's Charles Ogletree delivered the Milton Konvitz Memorial Lecture on 'The Combustible Mixture of Race, Gender, Religion and Politics: Lessons Learned From the 2008 Political Campaign,' Oct. 7 at the ILR School. (Oct. 8, 2008)

Help create WikiCandidate -- the ideal presidential contender

A group of Cornellians has created a Web site where the public can create the history and platform of an ideal candidate: Senator DeWiki. The researchers are studying civic participation. (Oct. 8, 2008)

Science and Technology Studies: From effects of iPods to what happens when humans reshape rivers

STS researchers 'want to understand how science and technology as forms of knowledge are produced; how their credibility is tested; how they change over time,' explains department chair Stephen Hilgartner. (Oct. 8, 2008)

The last word on economics

Larry Blume, the Goldwin Smith Professor of Economics and professor of information science, has co-edited a 7,680-page, eight-volume work, The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, 2nd ed. (Oct. 8, 2008)

Conferees explore whether newer immigrants can attain American dream as easily as other generations

The conference, 'The Immigrant Child: Past, Present and Future,' Oct. 3-4 at Cornell, explored whether the American dream is within reach of today's immigrant children. (Oct. 7, 2008)

Inequality at work continues to worsen, says economist

The income disparity between workers at the top and those in the middle and bottom the income scale keeps widening, Francine Blau told alumni at 'Opportunity 103: Inequality at Work,' Oct. 2 in New York City. (Oct. 3, 2008)

As 'behemoths' fall and Congress votes, Cornell experts offer a primer on the financial crisis

An Oct. 1 panel, organized by students for the Cornell International Affairs Review, confronted the events that have caused the 'erosion of confidence and trust' and 'financial behemoths [to] fall almost every week.' (Oct. 2, 2008)

Engineering students can now minor in business

As part of a collaboration with the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, a business minor is now open to engineering students. (Oct. 2, 2008)