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ILR-Aspen partnership provides gig economy numbers

The ILR School and the Aspen Institute Future of Work Initiative launched the Gig Economy Data Hub May 31 to help increase understanding of the gig economy and its workers.

Enhanced e-book calls for public interaction with central banking

Annelise Riles's new book on public interaction with central banks is published on a platform that encourages readers to make their voices heard.

Roper Center illuminates World War II issues

The world’s largest archive of public opinion data is embarking on a new project to explore what Americans believed and how they felt about events and people during World War II.


Media studies launches new initiatives

At Cornell, the field of media studies is flourishing, with new initiatives, new hires and new courses. 

Level of empathy for misfortunate based in social status

The level of empathy egalitarians and anti-egalitarians express toward others’ misfortunes depends on whether that other person holds a high- or low-ranking position in society.

Woulda, coulda, shoulda: the haunting regret of failing our ideal selves

Psychologist Tom Gilovich and a former Cornell graduate student have found people are haunted more by regrets about failing to fulfill their hopes and dreams than by regrets about failing to fulfill their responsibilities.

Research explores the blind spots of workplace ‘suitors’

ILR School research investigates why initiators of unwanted romantic advances in the workplace often misunderstand the discomfort they cause.

Faculty use new formats – including comics – to convey research

Faculty and academic staff presented projects including comics, videos and websites in the Knowledge Matters Fellowship, May 10.

Graduate student grants fund community-engaged projects

Engaged Graduate Student Grants will support 21 Cornell doctoral students and their community partners researching a range of topics.