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Sociology department launches Active Learning Initiative project

Five large introductory lecture courses will be transformed to include a larger share of activities that engage students to learn by doing rather than passive listening.

It’s who you know: social connections boost applicants, organizations they join

MBA applicants with a personal endorsement have a leg up on their competition and go on to support their university at higher rates, according to new research by Ben A. Rissing,assistant professor of organizational behavior.

Railway records document more than a century of seismic labor shifts

The Kheel Center’s railroad collections tell stories about the seismic shifts, catalyzed by railroads, that shaped the modern age.

Psychologists: ‘There is no alternative to free speech’

Psychology’s extensive study of bias offers an important lens through which to view and reduce conflicts about free speech and hate speech, two Cornell psychologists say.

Rawlings scholars share their undergraduate research

From studying labor law to understanding obesity, about undergraduate scholars shared their results at the Hunter R. Rawlings III Research Scholars Senior Expo and at CURBx, April 19.

College Scholars explore Japanese cultural property to tech design

Eighteen students from the Class of 2020 have been selected as the new class of College Scholars for the College of Arts and Sciences.

Engaged Cornell grants fund undergrad and faculty research

Students, faculty and their community partners have received Engaged Cornell research grants to study education, inequality and equity, and community health and sustainability in New York state and international settings.

Alumna researches the politics of infrastructure in Puerto Rico

Rosa Ficek ’03 and her students were heavily into their research on the impact of invasive species on their home island of Puerto Rico when hurricane Maria struck last fall.


Lecture to explore American anger at government

Sociologist Arlie Hochschild will lecture on “Anger at Government vs. Liberal Hopes, Can We Come Together without Losing Ground?” April 30.