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A.D. White Professor-at-Large to speak on race, class, speech

A.D. White Professor-at-Large John Rickford will address race, class and speech in campus events Sept. 17-21 that includes public talks and a screening of his film.

Roper Center, Tompkins library offer access to polling database

The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research has partnered with Tompkins County Public Library to provide readers access to the America’s Voice Project.


Diners order slightly less when restaurants list calories

A new Cornell study finds that diners whose menus listed calories ordered 3 percent fewer calories in their appetizer and entree courses, but their dessert and drink orders remained the same.

Digital economy can be path to inclusive capitalism

The workplace is moving away from the secure, long-term jobs that were long the path to the American Dream, according to the ILR School's Louis Hyman.

Influential researcher to reflect on 20 years of network science

Twenty years after his pivotal paper with Steven Strogatz launched the study of network science, Duncan Watts, Ph.D. '97, will give a talk on changes in the field.

Study: A responsive partner can mean a longer life

Having a partner whom you feel understands and cares about you may lead to a longer life, because stress may seem easier to handle, according to new research by human development expert Anthony Ong.

Criminal behavior linked to thinking about risk, study finds

A study shows a distinction between how risk is cognitively processed by law-abiding citizens and how that differs from lawbreakers.  

Tree swallow study: Brief stressors have long-term effects

Two recent studies on tree swallows use an innovative study design to uncover long-term consequences of brief but major stressful events.

Turkish researcher becomes her own subject

Turkish political scientist Simten Coşar has found the freedom to write and do scholarship at Cornell.