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Arts and Sciences faculty approves new undergrad curriculum

Faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences approved a new undergraduate curriculum for students. Plans will soon be underway to implement it.

ILR event to feature alums in sports industry leadership

The commissioner of the NHL and other ILR School and Cornell alumni will headline the Cornell ILR Sports Leadership Summit Nov. 15 in New York City.

Global Grand Challenges event to spark faculty dialogue

Cross-campus gathering will focus on the biggest challenges facing the world, and help determine a theme on which the university will focus in the 2019-2020 academic year.

Conference spotlights equality of opportunity for children

As inequality continues to grow in the United States, a national conference at Cornell Oct. 25-26 shined the spotlight on creating equality of opportunity for children.

Podcast explores attachments to products and brands

Professor Kathryn LaTour, an expert in marketing hedonic experiences, discusses our love for certain products or brands in a new podcast.


Most underestimate minorities’ environmental concerns – even minorities

Most Americans underestimate just how concerned minorities and lower-income people are about environmental threats, according to a new study. In fact, those groups are consistently among the most worried about environmental challenges.

New study to look at trends in couples’ earnings after baby

New proposed research by Kelly Musick, professor of policy analysis and management, has been awarded $1 million to study trends in couples' work after they have children.

Staff-family communication key to assisted living success

New research by Karl Pillemer, the Hazel E. Reed Professor in the Department of Human Development, has demonstrated an effective approach to reduce staff-family conflict in assisted living facilities.

Mobile communication lab lets any person participate in any study

Cornell’s mobile communication lab, one of a handful in the country, is changing the face social sciences research. It enables scholars to study the socio-economic, racial and geographic groups hardest hit by society’s problems.