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Developmental psychologist Charles Brainerd to receive APA award

Charles Brainerd will receive the American Psychological Associations’ G. Stanley Hall award for distinguished contributions to developmental science.

Lois Gray, ‘amazing force’ at ILR School, dies at 94

Lois Spier Gray, an iconic ILR School professor who committed her life to advancing social justice and workers’ rights, died Sept. 20 in New York City.

Grants create community-engaged opportunities for students

The Office of Engagement Initiatives has awarded nearly $840,000 to 21 teams of faculty and community partners integrating community engagement into majors and minors.

When loyalty trumps honesty: judging loyal lies

People who are dishonest out of loyalty feel they are acting ethically and morally, according to new research. But outsiders disagree, and see those actions as immoral and wrong – unless they themselves lie out of loyalty.

Women who breastfeed more than five months have more kids

Women who breastfeed their first child for five months or longer go on to have more children than women who breastfeed for shorter durations, a new study finds.

A.D. White Professor-at-Large to speak on race, class, speech

A.D. White Professor-at-Large John Rickford will address race, class and speech in campus events Sept. 17-21 that includes public talks and a screening of his film.

Roper Center, Tompkins library offer access to polling database

The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research has partnered with Tompkins County Public Library to provide readers access to the America’s Voice Project.


Diners order slightly less when restaurants list calories

A new Cornell study finds that diners whose menus listed calories ordered 3 percent fewer calories in their appetizer and entree courses, but their dessert and drink orders remained the same.

Digital economy can be path to inclusive capitalism

The workplace is moving away from the secure, long-term jobs that were long the path to the American Dream, according to the ILR School's Louis Hyman.