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Leuenberger leaps genre barriers

Christine Leuenberger has been researching the cultural and economic impact of the separation barrier between Israel and Palastine for several years. She also wrote about living in Israel while it was under attack by Hamas in November 2012.

Her latest take on the barrier comes in an essay for a new book, “Keep Your Eye on the Wall: Palestinian Landscapes.” 

"I have been involved in the production of a popular 'coffee table' book on the wall in French and in English which presents the work of 6 of the best Palestinian photographers/artists, 1 German photographer and 4 essays on the humanitarian impact on the wall including mine," Leuenberger, senior lecturer in science and technology studies, wrote in an email from Jerusalem Aug. 30. "The book is accordion style and thus like a wall itself."

The book was featured in a photo exhibition in Arles, France, and will be the subject of book signings in several countries. The Lebanon Daily Star writes of Leuenberger's essay, "Sociologist Christine Leuenberger explores the origins of the wall, the barriers it poses to interaction between even like-minded Israelis and Palestinians, and anchors it to a history of barriers stretching back to 1990 B.C. From Athens’ Long Walls to Hadrian’s Wall and the Great Wall of China, she emphasizes, barriers may present short-term solutions, but always end up obstructing peaceful solutions."