Electropop redux


A visiting professor comes to town. Inspired by the inventor of the Moog synthesizer’s local links, during a long Ithaca winter, he digs out a tape of electronic pop songs he recorded as a teenager, re-records them and writes more songs about his academic research on consumers.

He posts the demos on Soundcloud, gets noticed by leading re-issue record label and voila! He will release a vinyl record (also downloadable) at the end of this year.

Gerard Ryan, professor of consumer behavior and marketing at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili University in Catalonia, Spain, has spent the last year as a visiting researcher at Cornell’s ILR School. The result of his efforts is the new album, Consumer Behavior, issued by Medical Records.

The music includes tracks about consumer waiting behavior, online consumer behavior and global marketing.

 - Susan S. Lang