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Device tracks Fido's feelings


A Cornell startup that makes “the world’s first happiness tracker for dogs” will soon be turning to Indiegogo for help. 

DogStar, a project of former Cornell Tech MBA students, won last year’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Innovation Award. Their product: a device that attaches to a dog’s tail and a mobile interface that reads and interprets the tail’s movements. The goal: better communication with and understanding of dogs’ emotions. 

COO Michael Karp, MBA ’15, reports the team is continually testing the product while preparing to launch an Indiegogo campaign in September to support their efforts. 

“We want to give interested pet parents a chance to be the first to own the device and to engage with us as we continue to develop, and test at the Cornell Vet School,” Karp said. 

The team will present DogStar at the Maker Faire, Sept. 26-27 in New York City, and at the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, Oct. 14-17 in Dallas. 

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