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Dr. Mayur Narayan, a trauma surgeon Weill Cornell Medical Center who treated victims of the truck attack in New York last week comments on the sad reality of hospitals dealing with mass casualty events.

The author writes about an event, organized by the Yang-Tan Institute on Employment and Disability at Cornell University’s ILR School, which drew nearly 200 attendees from a variety of backgrounds and locations to discuss the theme of disability and diversity in the workforce.

Eli Friedman, a professor of international and comparative labor at Cornell, comments on the Chinese government’s plan to make it attractive for businesses to move from prosperous Beijing to less-developed areas in nearby Hebei province.

Karl Niklas, a plant evolutionist at Cornell says that in theory, any vegetable, any fruit can grow to many more times what we normally see.

Associate professor of computer science, Emin Gun Sirer, comments on Bancor’s performance.

Ornithologist Kevin McGowan explains the crow’s spooky reputation is pretty unwarranted. “I do try to tell people they’re not evil birds,” he says. “They’re just trying to make their way and do the best they can.”

An interview with Southeast Asia politics expert, Tom Pepinsky, on the growing religious intolerance in Indonesia.

Jens David Ohlin, a law professor and expert in international criminal law, comments on the criminal charges announced Monday against three former campaign aides to Donald Trump.

Op-ed by economics professor Robert Frank on how Tesla, by restricting the range of its cars or a reduced price, annoyed some critics, but ultimately was engaging in a common and beneficial practice.

Kate Manne, assistant professor of philosophy, examines recent examples of misogyny and sexism, and discusses how both can oppress women.

ILR automotive industry expert Art Wheaton says a Tesla manufacturing facility in China would help the company meet its current demand.

Ornithologist Kevin McGowan says it’s not unusual for birds to get rediscovered, in this larger story about finding a thought-to-be extinct pink-headed duck.